Blue Lock Character Jinpachi Ego: The Past Egoist!!   

Jinpachi Ego: The Past Egoist

Sports anime have been captivating anime enthusiasts to their core with enthralling matches. These anime and their nerve-wracking characters leave fans on the edge of their seat. Blue Lock is one of those superior anime which includes such a voracious character named Jinpachi Ego.

The acting leader and founder of the Blue Lock Foundation, Ego Jinpachi, is a cruel and straightforward person. Unlike a generic sports anime where the coach is a supportive and caring character, Ego is a straight-up menace. 

Blue Lock Character Jinpachi Ego’s Appearance. 

Jinpachi Ego's Character Sketch

Jinpachi Ego is a thin male character with a weirdly long neck, and Jinpachi Ego has a bob hairstyle with straight black hair. He has very round and creepy eyes with a pair of solid square glasses in front. His usual fashion consists of a plain black shirt and black jeans with a white belt on his waist. 

Jinpachi Ego’s Personality 

Jinpachi Ego's Character Sketch

Jinpachi Ego’s ideology consists of survival of the fittest, i.e., the best one will be at the top. He does not sugarcoat his words and is extremely ruthless in expressing his views. He is extremely observant, always observing his surroundings. With this ability, he can easily analyze any situation that arises. 

Jinpachi Ego is also good at finding talent, which helps him find the perfect candidates for Project Blue Lock. For example, he was able to recognize Isagi’s hidden talent during the match. 

Blue Lock Character Jinpachi Ego’s Coaching Ways

Jinpachi Ego's Character Sketch

His coaching methods are quite different from those of others; in a generic sports anime like Haikyu, the coaches are generally kind and say, “Teammates come first,” but Ego says that if teammates come first, then you will be considered a “second class.” His goal is to create the biggest EGOIST for Japan’s international football team and to reach that goal; he created this organization. 

He makes contestants undergo various physical and mental exhausting tasks, all to break their limits and help them become goal-scoring machines. When that limit is broken, the player’s FLOW is revealed Creating a full-scale EGOIST. 

What if Jinpachi Ego from Blue Lock was a Real Football Manager!! 

What If Jinpachi Ego was a real football manager

Football is one of the greatest sports of all time, and one critical aspect is the tactics and personality of the manager controlling the team. However, if Ego were a real football manager, the competition would skyrocket. 

Not only his tactics to improvise the game but also his emphasis on his ego make him such a horrified manager. Likewise, Ego inspires players to surpass their limits. As usual, Personality always Prevails!! His ambition and determination to carve his way up front make him cruel and coldhearted to many football players. 

One such legend in Football history is Jose Mourinho, whose personality clashes with Jinpachi Ego. I would gladly spend my lifespan watching Jose and Ego’s rivalry on the epic stages of Football. There can be a slight difference, but Jose’s personality also shows his concern towards his players and his eccentric tactics, which thunderstruck fans worldwide. 

A fierce Battle of the Century: Jinpachi Ego vs Jose Mourinho

Jinpachi Ego vs Jose Mourinho

Moreover, we unveil Ego’s role in shaping Japan’s national team and his approach to player development—which is just phenomenal!! Jose contributed many times to winning tournaments that no one can think of. Jose and Ego are like jewels in a crown in the world of football. Both search for players and aim to make them prodigies for their nation and team. 

In my opinion, the match would conclude in a draw if reviewing the Manager’s capability of handling their team. Both can win the World Cup, but you know Plot strikes hard!! However, Jose and Jinpachi Ego take pride in their player and excavate their hidden talents. 

“Football is a game about feeling and intelligence.” 

Jose Mourinho


“You Can’t become world’s best striker unless you are the world’s best egoist.” 

Jinpachi Ego


“I am a special one, not the special one.” 

Jose Mourinho


“Nothing should bring you more joy than your own goals. Live only for that glorious moment. And if you can’t…then you’re no striker at all.” 

Jinpachi Ego



Blue Lock inspires many players around the world. The plot development, along with the character development, is just a banger. However, being a sidekick, Jinpachi plays a vital role in the series. Likewise, fans eagerly await Jinpachi’s nerve-wracking decisions in Blue Lock Season 2.

If you like sports anime Blue Lock is a televisual feast for you. Click Here to watch this enigmatic series on Crunchyroll.


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