Sorcerer Killer of Jujutsu Kaisen: Who is Toji Fushigoro? Explained 

Toji Fushiguro

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 destroyed the internet by all means. It was above expectations, packed with destructive action and heavenly animations.   

It was blissful for all viewers; Mappa held onto their name, showcased in the fight between Mahoraga and Sukuna. The storyline got a new face with our star, Gojo Satoru, sealed away in the prison realm. Viewers are holding onto their nerves for Jujutsu Kaisen season 3 to appear and the introduction of new characters(You can read Jujutsu Kaisen manga to have a sneak peak in the future).  

Being captured by some fantastic fights this season, one character spectacularly came into the limelight and became a fan favourite. Yes!! We are none other than speaking of Toji Fushiguro. Considered a significant antagonist in the series, he set his name on the most robust character of JJK verse. Toji appeared in this season’s premiere and was an of-mark character from episode 2.  

Later, he appeared in episode 35 via a broken curse technique, “Seance”, practised by an evil sorcerer in the Shibuya incident. Toji made his living working as an assassin who was in the act of killing Riko Amanai, and later, no faces off with Gojo and Geto. Dominating those two by himself benchmarks his inhuman abilities and power and has the potential to give Sukuna a good, fierce fight (can he beat Goku, though?)  

Who is Toji in Jujutsu Kaisen?? 

Jujutsu Kaisen

Toji Fushiguro is a non-curse user assassin and former Zenin clan member; later, he adopted the name Fushiguro. Takehito Koyasu is the voice actor of JoJo’s famous antagonists, Dio Brando and Zeke Jeager, in Attack on Titan and also did a remarkable job in JJK for Toji.  

The first episodes of season 2 show Master Tengen and Star plasma vessel Riko Amanai. Later, we witness an attack on Riko, Gojo and Geto, who are in charge of Riko’s safety; continuing this, a character named Shui asks a man to assassinate the vessel.   

The character discussed here is Toji Fushiguro, who played a vital role this season. Toji’s character is a tall figure with a muscular body and dark-black hair. His way of talking indicates that he has an inhumane personality, which is (not good!) for Jujutsu Sorcerers.   

He’s one of those guys who is a potential threat to the JJK verse.   

The first duel between Gojo and Toji is an effortless fight from his POV. From the start, Toji is at odds with the Zenin clan and starts his luxurious life as an assassin. Later on, viewers discover that Megumi is the son of Toji, who’s given in care to Gojo Satoru away from the Zenin Clan. Following this, we see his duel with a high-grade curse, Dagon, and his son a while later.  

Toji’s powers and abilities 

Jujutsu Kaisen

Despite not having curse energy, Toji is one of the series’s most feared and vital characters, keeping the potential to kill skilled sorcerers in an instant. What makes him so daunting is his intellect and combat skills, surpassing most sorcerers.  

 As we lean forward, we see him using standard weapons in combat, which is beneficial for him because the lack of cursed energy makes weapons imperceptible to opponents and can easily pass through barriers. The same goes for him; he has a lot of weaponry, which he keeps in the curse spirit hanging around his neck. His cruel personality makes him look like a Chad in the series. However, he masters various weaponry, speed, reflexes and battle IQ.  

Without wasting time, let’s go over them one by one  

  1. His godly physique and heavenly restricted body:  

  Despite being a member of the Zenin Clan, Toji has zero curse energy, but in return, his five senses are on the apex, and he can communicate with low-level curse spirits.  

  1.   Inventory Curse:   

   As he can communicate with low-level curse spirits, He owns one cursed spirit that can store a variety of weapons and can exchange weapons by putting those in its mouth. This curse can also shrink its size, and Toji ingests it so sorcerers cannot see its curse energy getting released, making Toji vulnerable and invisible.  

      3. His battle IQ and intellect:   

     Viewers are loving the way Toji fights; his calculations and stepping everywhere with caution in combat make him invincible. Thus, so far in the series, he’s the only one who gave Gojo suffering, making him almost dead. Wherever the task is, he goes with a new plot, which we witnessed in the Surprise attack on Gojo from behind.    

Tools used by Toji Fushiguro

Jujutsu Kaisen

He mainly employs daggers and swords on his enemy, as seen in the surprise attack on Gojo while escorting Rika. He used his conventional tool, a sword with almost no cursed energy, which let him stab Gojo from behind, piercing his barrier.  

One of the most liked, and primary tools used by Toji is his cursed tool Split Soul Katana, a Japanese broadsword with a fur Tsuba, which gave Geto a hard time, and his curses got easily washed away by this sword.  

He has two exceptional grade cursed tools: Chain of a Thousand Mile and, most extreme, Inverted Spear of Heaven.  

As the name says of the Chain of Thousand Mile, the Chain gets extended if the user keeps it from being seen; it mostly resembles “Kusarigama.”  

Inverted Spear of Heaven  

The inverted Spear of Heaven is my personal favorite. It’s a dagger that nullifies the cursed techniques; with immense physical strength and monstrous reflexes, this weapon is a deadly fusion.  

As seen in the second fight with Gojo, he combines the Chain and Inverted Spear, making it a destructive force; he believed that he could nullify red and blue from a distance using the Chains but was unaware of his techniques, Hollow Purple. In the end, it was a fight we all deserved.    

Toji also uses the same weapon Maki uses, a special-grade cursed tool, Playful Cloud, which has nothing to do with curse energy but depends on the user’s destructive physical strength, as seen in the fight between Toji and Dagon.   


As discussed above and noticed this season, the Jujutsu Kaisen fanbase is going wild, with Gojo’s past story and getting sealed away from duels between Geto and Choso. Toji has made his way up, depicting his character and almost defeating the prodigy alone. The Hype is not containable, and the fanbase waits for new characters to debut in the series. Did you like Toji and his way of getting his things done?   


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