Best anime fights of all time: Get ready for an Euphoric High

A lot of us are well-versed with anime shows and know how heavily addictive they can be. In recent times, the craze of anime among fans has seen exponential growth due to spellbinding animation sequences. These shows are a perfect integration of elements like emotions, action, and a gripping storyline. One of the most loved parts of anime shows is the fighting scenes. In recent years, we have witnessed some of the best anime fights, making them feel the adrenaline rush in their nerves. If you are an anime fan and want to know more about the best anime fights, then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will talk about the best anime fights that have taken place until now.

Best Anime Fights that will give you a dopamine rush

Rengoku vs Akaza – Demon Slayer

best anime fights

Demon Slayer has become immensely popular amongst anime fans for all the obvious reasons. From the very first season, we got to see banger action sequences and brawls. One such fight took place between the flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku and the third upper moon Akaza. The battle was more than intense and cannot be described here.

Still, I will try to do justice to it. It takes place in the Mugen Train Arc right after Tanjiro and Inosuke make the demon train bite the dust. Rengoku, being a hashira, takes charge of fighting an upper moon and letting his subordinates not indulge in the fight that can cost them their lives. If you have not started watching Demon Slayer until now, then this could be a major reason to start your streaming spree.

Gara vs Lee – Naruto

Naruto is one of the top three anime shows that are something beyond popular, apart from Bleach and One Piece. The show is a lengthy one and consists of around 500 episodes (Not talking about Naruto Shippuden here). Well, it can be said that the anime has a lot of fights between multiple legends.

But this one here is something out of the box. Gara vs. Lee could be dubbed one of the most intimidating anime fights ever to exist. The fight starts with Lee in action against Gara (who is protected by sand). The most crucial moment of the fight comes when Lee drops the weights he was wearing to attain lightning speed (and the weights were damn heavy; you can see the scene yourself).

Sung Jin Woo vs Boss Spider – Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is an anime that we all were waiting for from a long time. The way it starts with showing Sung Jin Woo as a weakling was a little heartbreaking. But, but, but, as soon as we reached the third episode, our boy came into action and started leveling up exceptionally. In the sixth episode, we got to see an entirely new Jin Woo going for a raid along with seven more people.

However, the other six had a plan to use him along with the seventh kid as bait for the dungeon boss. Little did they know what they were signing for at the time of leaving him and the other kid in the dungeon. As soon as the Boss Spider wakes up, Sun Jin Woo goes guns blazing in the arena and eradicates the boss. The animation of the scene is pure beauty. If you have not watched it until now, do give it a try as you are going to love it for sure.

Joe Higan vs Assassin with Gem engraved in his skull – Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui Episode 1 Review

Ninja Kamui is making a buzz in the industry as of now. The anime has only one episode, but it was super intense to watch. And in the very first episode, we get to see one of the best anime fights ever. Joe Higan, who is living with his family in the outlands, gets attacked by an assassin with a gem engraved in his skull along with his group.

In the first attempt, the wife and kid of the main protagonist get killed, and he barely survives. But the tone of the anime completely changes right before the second attack. While Joe is in the hospital, recovering, he again gets attacked by the same crew. Nonetheless, the story unfolds in a different direction this time as he single-handedly eradicates each one of them and finally kills the main assassin too.

Now, imagine this is just the first episode, and we have more to come our way. The hype related to this anime is real. Speculation is that this is just the beginning (in literal terms as well); the action will skyrocket in the upcoming episodes.

Obito vs Kakashi – Naruto Shippuden

Best Anime fights

None of us can forget the fourth Great Ninja War. And for the ones who don’t know about it, you seriously need to start watching Naruto Shippuden by now. Without a doubt, it can be said that the Ninja War comprises some of the best anime fights that you can get to see. Whether it be Guy Sensei vs. Madara Uchiha, Five Kages vs. Madara Uchiha, or Naruto vs. Sasuke, all of them are going to intensify the hype.

That being said, the one closest to my heart is Obito vs Kakashi. Imagine two friends, more of brothers, fighting to kill just to prove their points. The fight is a perfect blend of emotions and action. And you will hail it at the moment when the scene transitions between their childhood and adulthood with identical signature moves.

Levi Ackerman vs Zeke Yeager – Attack on Titan

best anime fights

Attack on Titan has made all of us either fans or not fans of Eren Yeager. But that 5 foot 3 inch guy, Levi Ackerman, stole the show for a very long time. The first battle between him and Zeke Yeager could be dubbed one of the most legendary Attack on Titan fights. Zeke mistakes him with just another warrior.

His doubts are cleared the moment Levi goes on a rampage, kills all the Titans around, and goes for him without any fear. The fight is a clear depiction of the fact that there is no word like fear in the dictionary of Levi Ackerman. Apart from that, if you have not watched the show until now, do give it a try, as there is a lot more to explore.

Yuji Itadori (Sukuna) vs Gojo Saturo – Jujutsu Kaisen

Best Anime fights jujutsu kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime of the new era that needs no introduction. Recently, the second season of the anime dropped and took the industry by storm. Nevertheless, we cannot just ignore the first season, as it included one of the best anime fights.

Gojo Saturo taking a dig at Sukuna (who is using Yuji Itadori as a vessel) makes the demon angry to the core. The way Saturo keeps joking, Sukuna gets angrier, and then the first attack happens. The moment we get to see Gojo sitting over the back of Sukuna on his all fours is colder than Antarctica. You have to watch the scene yourself to understand the emotion behind it.

Luffy vs Katakuri – One Piece 

Luffy vs Katakuri

One Piece (the legend, the myth) has been on the top since 1999. With prominent world-building and enigmatic fight scenes, this anime is all over our hearts. With a total of 1095 episodes, catching up on what’s happening in the new world will surely take time.  

Along with the iconic walk from Arlong Park, fans have witnessed great fights between Straw hats and overpowered antagonists. But this fight in the series has captivated the fanbase in many ways. Two powers collide with their concrete resolution: one driven by the quest for freedom and the other bound to protect family’s honour. 

This fight showcased how to create an overpowered antagonist, and the ideology followed in this fight makes One Piece great. The fight is a perfect mix of respect, bravery and many punches! 

Ouya vs Masked Outcasts- Hitori no Shita 

best anime fights

If you are fond of hand-to-hand combat, Hitori no Shita is a match made in heaven for you. This anime is a Chinese/Japanese anime collaboration. This fight showcases mind-blowing animations and fight sequences, along with stunning choreography.  

The studio has done a great job with unique cinematography, which complements the fighting scenes. Watching this sure feels like Madara vs the whole army. Hitori no Shita is the smoothest anime ever produced  

The way Ouya dodges the attacks and fights with a new move in each frame is just (Chef Kissed!!). Two-minute silence for those who still have not discovered this hidden gem!! 

Yamamoto Genryusai vs Yhwach – Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War 

best anime fights

The Bleach franchise is back with its Thousand-Year Blood War arc, and it’s a blessing for each Bleach fan.  

While sharing memories among Naruto and One Piece in the big three, this series has delivered what we all expected.  

 Bleach TYBW is an all-out war with no slow build-ups.  

This arc concerns the war engraved in hatred and how each kills without mercy. If you are looking for a sudden adrenaline rush and Bankai, this fight will hook you up for the next Cour. 

The legend comes true!! The duel between Genryusai and Yhwach that occurred 1000 years ago happened again, showcasing pure hate, the extent of power, and the will to kill mercilessly.  

This fight unravels the long-awaited bankai of our head captain and follows up with phenomenal animations.  

Gilgamesh vs Enkidu – Fate Series

If you crave exceptional and out-of-budget animations, the Fate series is well-suited. The show consists of many parts, which can confuse new watchers.   

Gilgamesh vs Enkidu is one of the best fights amongst others in this series.  

This fight showcases mutual understanding and the journey with the same ideology and ambition. 

 Despite overwhelming powers, both laugh it off, showcasing planetary destructive weapons, and the most wholesome thing which concludes this fight is their friendship. (This is the most arduous “long time no see” I’ve ever witnessed) 

Both are at equal terms in strength, and the fight is packed with God-tier animations and a vast power system.  

This epic tale is about a narrative storyline converging betrayal, friendship and the essence of humanity.  

Sukuna vs Mahoraga – Jujutsu Kaisen

The diamond of new-gen anime Jujutsu Kaisen dropped a new season in 2023, and it was freaking good. 

Following up on the storyline, we witnessed many crucial fights, and Sukuna vs Mahoraga was one of them.  

The fight between Sukuna and Mahoraga took place in Shibuya. Moreover, it felt like a nuclear explosion in the anime community with a mind-blowing display of powers. Yeah! The animations killed it. 

The frames and soft animations made this fight more exciting. Fans witnessed Sukuna’s domain Expansion along with Mahoraga’s durability (the fight is peak-rated because of the fluid movements and dynamic camera angles) 

The way Sukuna eradicated Shibuya in flames with his beast instincts makes this fight divine. 

If you are unaware of this show, you must try it, as there’s more to excavate. 

Wrapping up

So these are some of the best anime fights that you can get to see whenever you want. And trust me, you are not going to be disappointed by either of the suggestions. And if you are an avid anime watcher like me and think that there is something missing here, drop a comment, and I will definitely look into it. On a concluding note, none of us can deny that there are a lot more anime fights apart from the mentioned ones, so let’s keep exploring.

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