Strongest Bleach Bankai, Ranked [Spoilers!!] 

Bleach Bankai

Bleach, an evergreen anime, is coming back with its Thousand-Year Blood War Cour 3 in October 2024. Moreover, the anime is still alive due to its iconic plot, dynamic animations, and the power system that enhances every character. Likewise, Bleach Bankai has stunning power that has made this series an emotional experience for all fans worldwide. 

In the world of Shinigami, Bleach Bankai is one damn concept of the ultimate manifestation of the supreme power. Known among the elites, acquiring Bankai through sheer practice is like a feat for many captains and Lieutenants in the Gotei 13.  

Each Bankai is unique in its form; whether the aura is changed or the character gets an immense buff, the will to scream Bankai will remain the same!! So, for today, we will rank different Bleach Bankai according to their combatant skills, latent abilities, and spiritual pressure!! 

Most Compelling Bleach Bankai Ever!! 

Ryumon Hozukimaru 

Ryumon Hozukimaru Bleach Bankai

One of the fiercest yet weak among other Bleach Bankai. Ryumon Hozukimaru is the Bankai of Ikkaku Madarame who wields it against an Arrancar in the Soul Society arc.  

Though Ikkau’s bankai is the coolest in the entire show, it is hard to use the powers of Ryumon Hozukimaru. The main weapons in his bankai are large spade-like weapons and a large blade with a dragon crest above his head. Moreover, Madarame’s bankai showcases its true cutting power when it receives or deals damage.  

Jakuho Raikoben 

Jakuho Raikoben Bleach Bankai

It’s difficult to recognize it as Soi Fon’s ultimate manifestation due to its immense power (A literal Bazooka). Nevertheless, Jakuho Raikoben is an astonishing bleach bankai that once locks the enemy and tracks them down till they are not eradicated from the world. Soi Fon hates to use her Bankai because of its size and heaviness. Moreover, Jakuho Raikoben doesn’t suit Soi Fon’s personality and combatant skills. Though Soi Fon’s bankai can kill the lower espadas and the Arrancars, it is useless against antagonists like Sternritters.  

Kokujo Tengen Myo’oh 

Kokujo Tengen Myo'oh Bleach Bankai

Sajin Komamura has always been depicted as a weak character, though he commands an entire squad as a captain. Moreover, Sajin has scarce power, but his Bankai, an utmost form of Tenken (Zanpakuto), unveils a huge monster who wears armour.  

However, Sajin’s Bankai was weak in the series until he revealed Kokujo Tengen Myo’oh Dangai Joue in the Bleach TYBW. Eventually, Sajin trades off his life to save the Soul Society and defeats Bambietta with his so-called immortal Bankai!! 

Kamishini no Yari 

Kamishini no Yari Bleach Bankai

Gin Ichimaru is the former captain of the 3rd division in the Gotei 13 who acquired Kamishini no Yari. Moreover, Gin’s Bankai is the fastest among others. However, it is never shown in its true form due to Gin’s vengeful act against Aizen. In fact, his revelation to avenge Rangiku becomes sadder when he betrays Aizen and gets killed. 

Kamishini no Yari can be extended and contracted within a second and can deal lethal damage to the opponent. Certainly! It becomes more deadly as Gin’s bankai becomes dust as it contracts and extends. Furthermore, a strike from his blade can leave a lethal poison in the opponent’s body.  

Tekken Tachikaze 

Tekken Tachikaze Bleach Bankai

Kensei Muguruma becomes the captain of the 9th division in the Gotei 13 after the battle with Aizen and the Espadas. Though Kensei is a visord, his Bankai makes his character more terrifying.

Kensei’s Zanpakuto, Tachikaze is a dual blade that creates wind slashes. Meanwhile, his Bankai Tekken Tachikaze is on a whole new level. Kensei’s Bankai may be one of the strongest among other Bleach Bankai if we talk about raw strength. Tekken Tachikaze forms into two curved silver blades. Kensei’s body is covered with purple armor. Likewise, Kensei can punch an opponent with explosive power. 

Suzumushi Tsuishiki 

Suzumushi Tsuishiki Bleach Bankai

Kaname Tosen is the former captain of 9th in the Gotei 13. Though Kaname joined forces with Aizen to seek justice upon the Gotei 13, he was able to use his Bankai only one time which was against Kenpachi. 

Suzumushi Tsuishiki is a Kido-type  Zanpakuto which creates a massive black void. He’s the only character whose Bankai resembles the CT in JJK. Moreover, it nullifies the opponent’s ability to hear, smell, taste, and sense spiritual energy. However, it leaves the opponent with a sense of touch. If someone touches Suzumushi Tsuishiki’s blade he will regain all the abilities he lost. Likewise, Kaname’s broken Bankai was shattered in seconds by Zaraki.  

Kinshara Butodan 

Kinshara Butodan Bleach Bankai

Rojuro Otoribashi also called Rose is the captain of the 3rd squad in the Gotei 13. However, Rojuro has the powers of Hollow and Soul Reaper. His powers were not shown significantly until he faced Mask de Masculine.

Rojuro’s Bankai Kinshara Butodan a secondary release of his Zanpakuto Kinshara creates illusion with the help of music. Although Rojuro’s Zanpakuto is useless his Bankai deceives an opponent’s heart with the music. Further, the illusions created by the Bankai can inflict physical Damage. Moreover, Rose has full control over anyone deceived by the music which gives him more advantage to deal damage without getting hurt. However, his Bankai is useless if his opponent can’t hear the music.  

So’o Zabimaru 

So'o Zabimaru Bleach Bankai

So’o Zabimaru is an upgraded form of Hihio Zabimaru wielded by Renji Abarai, Lieutenant of the 6th division in the Gotei 13. Before TYBW Renji was one of the weakest characters, but now with his True Bankai and character development, Renji can kill opponents like Bazz B and other sternritters.  

So’o Zabimaru is very small compared to the iconic Hihio Zabimaru. Renji’s true Bankai is a combination of Sanke and Ape. Moreover, the giant snake now covers his hand with a blade. Though it is useless against a Kido or an elemental Bankai user, Renji has two offensive options to eradicate his opponent. However, if impaled by So’o Zabimaru the opponent will turn into ashes due to the continuous blast of Spiritual Energy.  

Kazeshini Fushi no Kyojo 

Kazeshini Fushi no Kyjo Bleach Bankai

Shuhei Hisagi Lieutenant of the 9th division is another powerful character in the series. Though Shuhei has not acquired his Bankai (The adaptation may show his Bankai in the TYWB Cour 3 even though Fushi no Kyojo is in CFYOW), his Zanpakuto Kazeshini makes him deadly for his opponents. Kazeshini is a power-type Zanpakuto that deals damage with the help of scythes attached to the chains. Meanwhile, the ultimate form Fushi no Kyojo focuses on the chains instead of the scythes.  

Shuhei’s Bankai creates a cage with the chains and captures him and his opponent. Further, the chains attached to their necks heal all the wounds which helps them to regain the reiatsu. Until Shuhei and his opponent have an ample of reiatsu neither will die and the game of death and birth will continue.  


Bleach, a part of the big three, still dominates the animanga industry with its effective lore. Meanwhile, Fanfare worldwide is captivated by various characters and their different power builds!! What’s your opinion on the upcoming hazardous Bleach Bankai in the TYBW!! Do watch Bleach TYBW on Netflix to feel the ultimate manifestation!! 


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