Strongest Bleach Captains, Ranked [Spoilers!!]

Strongst Bleach Captains

Bleach is a goated series that has captivated many fans worldwide with its fable, stunning animations, and, of course, bombastic OST. As usual, the main protagonist saves the others with his legendary plot armor. But Bleach captains have made this series a universal hit!! 

However, Gotei 13 has made ample enemies over a millennium, but our captains of Gotei 13 serve their duties with vicious determination. Besides a main attraction towards the Plot, this series focuses on the sacrifice, each’s pivotal role, and their affection towards Soul Society!!  

As we all know, Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Cour 3 is coming soon. We will witness some of those excellent captains screaming Bankai for the first time (Imagine Kyoraku’s Bankai!!). God damn!! Bleach is pure affection!! 

As for today, we will rank Bleach Captains with the most extreme strength!! If you are ready to handle all the spiritual pressure, let’s delve into Bleach’s universe to unleash Bankai!!!

Most Vigorous Bleach Captains ever!! 

11.  Soi Fon 

If you want to wage stealth and assassination, Soi Fon will be the cream of the crop for you. Captain of the 2nd division and commander-in-chief of Onmitsukido, Soi Fon, is a prominent Bleach captain within Gotei 13. I know she’s not that fan favorite, but her skills are as deadly as Aizen’s manipulation!! Moreover, her zanpakuto Suzumebachi allows her to strike a lethal sting. However, the build of her Zanpakuto grants her god-like speed, agility, and flexibility!! 

Despite her zanpakuto skills, her Bankai Jakuho Raikoben outgrows her personality. Goodness Gracious!! Her Bankai is straight out of war. Kubo is an audacious person for giving a damn rocket launcher to Soi Fon!! 

10. Sajin Komamura

Sajin Komamura Bleach

Sajin Komamura is one reliable captain in the Bleach universe. However, his first appearance in the Soul Society Arc could have been more appealing. But his role throughout the series reflected loyalty and sacrifice!! Later, it was revealed that Sajin was an anthropomorphic wolf.

However, Komamura’s humanoid form limits his strength, endurance, and other combatant skills. Though being called a dog in Soul Society, Sajin shines in TYBW!! Due to his fierce determination and loyalty towards Genryusai, Sajin sacrifices himself by transforming into a fully humanoid form to kill Bambietta. In addition, his zanpakuto Tekken is a colossal giant who strikes with full power.  

Sajin’s Bankai Kokujo Tengen Myo’o: Dangai Joe is an evolved form of Kokujo Tengen Myo’o that focuses on brute strength and endurance and boosts combatant skills. Sajin’s combination of pure offense and invulnerability depicts his voracious demeanor towards Soul Society and Yamamoto Genryusai!!  

9. Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Hitsugaya

When a prodigy meets the world’s strongest military, you know the series will be an absolute banger. Toshiro, at a young age, showcased immense skills that even shocked other captains in Gotei 13. Moreover, Shunsui describes him as a captain with potency and determination. Considered a prodigy amongst Shinigami, Toshiro is the youngest captain who runs the 10th division.  

Till now, Toshiro seemed like a bratty kid who yells even if he’s on the winning side. Though it’s his protective nature toward others (Just like Hinamori, Damn Aizen played her bad!!) His zanpakuto Hyorinmaru reflects water and ice-based attacks. Besides his zanpakuto skills, he has also mastered Kido. In Bankai form Daiguren Hyorinmaru, Toshiro flaunts immense ice-based attacks!! 

8. Jushiro Ukitake

Jushiro Ukitake bleach captain

One of the most charming captains in Gotei 13Jushiro Ukitake’s calm is what allure fans around the world. He’s the only one besides Kyoraku who wields two swords on a battlefield. Moreover, Yamamoto taught Jushiro and Kyoraku. Though Jushiro is a formidable opponent in the battle, his poor physicality and health conditions are the major drawbacks that hold him back. 

 Nevertheless, with his skilled swordsmanship, Kido and Mimihagi keep Ukitake in the Gotei 13 to serve as a captain. As for now, Ukitake’s Bankai remains shrouded in mystery, but his zanpakuto Sogyo No Kotowari (infused with electricity) is enough to deal with the heavy damage!! 

7. Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri Kurotsuchi

Mayuri is the captain of the 12th division in Gotei 13, which serves as a laboratory. Though Mayuri is powerful, he does not participate in battles for fun like Zaraki. However, Mayuri is an intellectual geek who likes to store knowledge no matter what it is. Meanwhile, Mayuri has a deadly zanpakuto titled Ashisogi Jizo, which releases toxic fumes and corrodes enemies to their core. Besides his bloodthirsty zanpakuto Mayuri’s Bankai Konjigi Ashisogi Jizo: Matai Fukuin Shotai is zenith amongst other bankai due to its latent abilities and hacks!! 

6. Shinji Hirako

Shinji Hirako

Dear me!! Shinji still holds the vibe; his theme really is a center of attraction. Shinji Hirako serves as the captain of the 5th division in Gotei 13 and plays an essential role in teaching hollowfication to Ichigo. He’s the only one who scared the soul out of Aizen (you need guts!!). Moreover, his intrigue skills and latent abilities have made him such a broken character!!  

Shinji’s hollowfication, along with his Bankai Sakashima Yokoshima Happofusagari, is enough to eradicate Yhwach along with his minions. But as you know, Plot handles the series!! Infact his zanpakuto Sakanade is as staggering as Aizen’s Shikai Kyoka Suigetsu as it manipulates direction!! 

5. Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki

Once a bratty kid, Byakuya Kuchiki now outshines the world with his outrageous skills!! Byakuya Kuchiki is the captain of the 6th division in Gotei 13 and serves his duty with passion and loyalty to the rules and regulations of Soul Society.  

Moreover, Baykuya is a member of a hierarchical clan that has been serving under Yamamoto for more than 200 years.  

His unwavering determination is all you need to check his real personality. Meanwhile, his zanpakuto Senbonzakura looks like a royal treasure, and his Bankai Senbonzakura Kageyoshi intensifies his latent abilities. Byakuya’s Bankai is all about pretty Sakura petals but with sharp blades!! 

4. Retsu Unohana

retsu unohana

Yachiru, or Retsu Unohana, is one of the strongest Bleach captains who serves as the captain of the 4th division in Gotei 13. Retsu is one of the oldest members, along with Yamamoto, and is known as the best healer in Soul Society. Despite her astounding Kido skills, Retsu can kill an ample of opponents with ease!!  

Moreover, Unohana is the one who started the Kenpachi title and survived more than half of the series. Unohana’s Shikai and Bankai have the same name, Minazuki, but have a lot of differences!! Where Unohana uses her Shikai to heal other Shinigamis, she uses her Bankai to deliver deadly blows!! 

3. Zaraki Kenpachi

Zaraki Kenpachi

Menace of Soul Society!! Zaraki fights for fun and seems to like the strong ones. His cold yet frightening demeanor is enough to send goosebumps!! Captain of the 11th division, Zaraki seeks voracious fights from which he can show how strong he is!! Along with his brute strength, Zaraki’s spiritual pressure creates hype amongst the fanbase. My lad even has a limiter on his eye through which he can control his powers and spiritual pressure.  

In addition, Zaraki has survived throughout the series without even knowing his Shikai’s name!! In TYBW, Zaraki’s long-awaited Shikai, Nozarashi, has been revealed!! Further, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate his bankai in Cour 3!! 

2. Shunsui Kyoraku 

Shunsui is an essential Bleach character in the series. Though his skills are not yet revealed, his calm and seriousness show how strong he is!! After the death of Genryusai Yamamoto, Kyoraku serves as the commander-in-chief of the Gotei 13. Besides Jushiro, only Kyoraku has mastered two sword styles. Fans’ outbursts when they witnessed Kyoraku vs. Cotoye. Surely! It was the laziest fight I’ve ever seen in my journey as an anime enthusiast. 

However, Kyokaru can cast Kido spells with ease, and his zanpakuto Katen Kyokotsu serves as a dual blade that brings six different children’s games to life. Furthermore, fanfare awaits Kyoraku’s Bankai Katen Kyokotsu Karamatsu Shinju in Cour 3, which can turn an opponent into a player in a four-play act!! 

1. Genryusai Yamamoto

There’s an old saying, “Never mess with old geezers.” In this case, you’ll lose your life in seconds!! Genryusai Yamamoto, the legend and myth, is the strongest Bleach Captain and the former commander-in-chief of Gotei 13. Genryusai’s legacy has been streaming down for 3000 years, full of wars against Quincies.  

Genryusai created the Gotei 13, which included murderers, thieves (and many more of the same category!!) Yamamoto is the only character who has four different forms of his Bankai Zanka No Tachi. Meanwhile, his zanpakuto Ryujin Jakka is enough to erase one’s existence!! Genryusai vs Yhwach is a fierce fight with different combatant skills and hacks (Though Genryusai died by Yhwach’s Clone!!) 


Bleach is one of the big three that has outshone other new-gen anime with the TYBW!! Bleach has numerous characters with different abilities and backstories. Besides one main protagonist, Bleach provides a variety of options to choose your favorite character. Meanwhile, which Bleach Captain do you prefer the most?! 

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