JJK 262 Spoilers: Sukuna’s Surprise Attack Dominates The Battle

JJK 262 Spoilers

After a long wait, JJK 262 spoilers are here, and they have made fans curious all around the globe. JJK Chapter 261 raised the heat by showing Yuta using Gojo’s body as a vessel and going on a war against the King of Curses. And the chapter ends with Yuta and Sukuna using their Domain Expansion. Popular tipster Myamura has shared the panels of the upcoming JJK 262, and the spoilers are impressive enough to captivate the fans. Moving forward, we will talk about the JJK 262 spoilers followed by expectation and details regarding the next chapter.

JJK 262 Spoilers: Rika gets manifested in Yuta vs Sukuna

The JJK chapter 262 starts with Sukuna and Yuta opening their domains while the latter minimizes the size of Unlimited Void’s barrier to the size of a tiny basketball, similar to what Gojo did back then. As said by the narrator, Gojo’s counter for Sukuna’s open barrier has the capability of withstanding the effect of Malevolent Shrine for around 3 minutes.

The JJK 262 Spoilers also suggest that Yuta swapped souls with Gojo previously in order to train and polish his barrier techniques. Yuta charges Sukuna with blue, but the King of Curses reduces the distance in the blink of an eye. After that, Sukuna wraps his amputated arms to grab Yuta and hits him with a punch on his face.

While trying to know how Sukuna was able to attack him, Yuta figured out that the King of Curses used Domain Amplification along with Domain expansion to tear the Infinity Void and hit Yuta. Sukuna, with an evil grin, thinks that the sorcerers cannot share any details regarding what is happening in the domain via Mei Mei’s crows. After that, the scene switches, and we get to see that Rika has been fully manifested, and she is holding Yuta’s body and crying over it. The chapter ends with the editor’s last comment – Rika has fully manifested….. But_.

JJK 263 expectations

The JJK Chapter 262 is only seven pages long. Well, we agree that the fans wanted more but there is nothing that can be done as of now. Only thig that the fans are expecting right now is a lengthy chapter 263 where we can get to see what is actually going to happen in Yuta vs Sukuna. And it is will be interesting to see how Rika reacts to the scenario. All in all, we can say that the next chapter could possibly be a high voltage one.

Wrapping up

So that’s it from our side now on JJK 262 spoilers. The fans have to wait a little longer for JJK 263 as the Jujutsu Kaisen Manga is on a break for 2 weeks because Gege has fallen sick. Tell us what you feel about the latest chapter in the comments section. Until you wait for the next chapter, have a look at our article on Demon Slayer Breathing Techniques and rank on the basis of strength.


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