Dragon Ball Daima trailer details: New villain on the cards

Dragon Ball Daima has been making quite a lot of buzz in the industry for a long time. In a recent update, the show has got a new character trailer. We can see Son Goku battling it out against new villains. The main focus of the trailer was on Goku’s movement, the way he moved, the way he indulged in a brawl. All the loved characters from the Dragon Ball universe can be seen in their younger forms. The list includes Krillin, Majin Buu, Chi-Chi, Mr. Satan, Android 18, and Krillin. Moving forward in the article, we will talk about the Dragon Ball Daima trailer details in brief.

Dragon Ball Daima trailer details

One of the most important details of the trailer was the artwork that has been showcased. This time, the animators are taking the looks of the villains to the next level. The latest villain designs of the show look more deadly as compared to what we got to see in the previous Dragon Ball shows. The purple creatures look systematic to a great extent. The lavender skin tone and ears of these characters could woo the audience in comparing them with Beerus. Nonetheless, the absence of tails and different snouts suggests that their similarity is just a coincidence.

We can’t deny that the latest designs are captivating. At some point, it feels like a situation where the stage is being set up for something bigger. Speculations are that Dragon Ball Daima could be the first step towards the return of Dabura. As for Dabura, he was the king of Demon Realm. Keeping that in mind, there is a high chance that the demons shown in the trailer are the disciples of Dabura.


There is no information available regarding the boss-level villain of Daima. Apart from that, the trailer doesn’t fail to fit the bill. I think that Dragon Ball Daima will make the story take a different path compared to other shows from the franchise. All the fans who were looking for high-end animation will not even be slightly disappointed with the graphics of the show. So, just in case you are someone who thinks that the story is not going to match their expectations exactly, then don’t worry; the show is going to be a treat to your eyes. The anime is going to gain love from the audience for sure. And if you are someone who constantly hunts new anime shows, then give a try to Solo Levelling.

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