After Tekken, This Fighting Video Game Is Also Going To Get An Anime Series

Guilty Gear Strive Dual Rulers anime

Tekken, one of the most popular 1V1 type games of all time, is not alone now in getting a full-fledged anime series based on its core story. Guilty Gear Strive is also going to accompany Tekken with a new anime series, Guilty Gear Strive Dual Rulers, that will be backed by Arc System Works. It will be created by the SANZIGEN studio. As of now, other details regarding the anime are under wraps. However, it has been announced that more information related to the anime will be released at its Anime Expo panel on July 5, 2024.

As for the history of the same, the first edition of Guilty Gear made a debut on PlayStation in the year 1998. The game garnered a lot of attention back then because of its animation style, combat mechanics, and anime-inspired setup. The latest game of the series is Guilty Gear Strive, which made it to market in June 2021.

Guilty Gear Strive Dual Rulers Anime: What will be different from the game’s story mode

Guilty Gear Strive game also has a story mode but it worked as a disappointment for the fans. If you remember Tekken’s journey from beginning to now, the story mode is completely insane. You get to fight the villains, you get to interact with other characters and what not.

However, when it comes to Guilty Gear Strive, the story mode is nothing but a montage of anime clips that make up a story – and yes, it is non-playable. And it also fails to give a proper catchup of the background unlike Tekken 8’s story mode. On a conclusive note, entering the Guilty Gear Strive story mode is similar to watching a short anime movie.

That being said, the hopes for Guilty Gear Strive Dual Rulers anime will be high, and why not? Because there’s a lot of competition out there. And at least the fans can expect a better story than what they got to see in the name of story mode. And yes, we will be back on July 5 with more info on the upcoming anime, so do bookmark this article to read about all the latest developments. Until then, if you are a Studio Ghibli fan, then have a look at our article on The Boy And The Heron, which talks about a unique point of view.


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