Studio Ghibli’s The Boy And The Heron Delivers A Great Message – Everything Is Perfect And Nothing Is Perfect

The Boy And The Heron Review

Studio Ghibli took the industry by storm with its latest release – The Boy And The Heron. The movie is set in the World War 2 era and revolves around a boy named Mahito Maki. The two-hour and four-minute-long spectacle has received mixed reviews from all around the globe.

I watched the movie pretty recently, and it shares a strong message regarding how the world runs and how it should run. The movie becomes super intense in the very first scene when a bombing takes down a hospital where Mahito’s mother used to work. And the helpless little boy watched his mother getting consumed by the flames.

The Boy And The Heron Review

The latest Studio Ghibli project takes us on a journey where we see a child battling against the odds after losing his mother. Mahito, along with his Dad and stepmother Natsuko, moves to the countryside. Here, Mahito was unable to share his pain with anyone. Nonetheless, things change for the little boy when he encounters a Heron (voiced by Masaki Suda) who claims to know where his mother is right now. Mahito keeps avoiding the Heron until his stepmother disappears in an old tower associated with his ancestors and their mythical practices.

Mahito, without thinking about what could happen next, barges into the tower alongside household Kiriko. Once he gets into the tower, things become more difficult for him as soon as he encounters the Pelicans. These birds from the other world were mean eaters. Well, the protagonist gets saved and commences his journey to find Natsuko. The Parakeets in the other world were more than dangerous; they even had a kitchen to cook and eat the humans.

Mahito was trying to make everything right that went wrong in the past. On his journey further, he meets Granduncle, who controls the universe and maintains the balance with 13 distant blocks. And if the block falls, then the universe will end.

While the Granduncle was trying to pass on his legacy to Mahito and create a universe that is free of flaws, the little boy had other plans and decided to leave the realm. And the best part of the story is that Mahito finds his mother as well. When he asks her to accompany him to the real world, she denies it and chooses her original fate.

The Boy And The Heron Teaches Us Why Nothing Is Perfect And Still Everything Is Perfect

After finishing the movie, I was filled with a lot of questions and emotions. However, the light of wisdom fell on me, too, and I realized that the movie wanted to deliver a simple message. It teaches us that there is nothing like a perfect world and there is everything perfect in the world. It all depends on the perceiver.

For example, if you have all the good things in life, then you will need no changes. Nevertheless, if there are more downs than ups, then you will definitely question the way the universe works. Changes are constant, and we have no control over the things that are considered fate. But we can try to make the world a little more beautiful with what we give because something that is perfect according to you could be disastrous from someone else’s point of view.

That being said, if you also have watched The Boy And The Heron, then drop your comments about the movie and let us know what you loved the most about it. Apart from that, have you read the latest JJK 262 Spoilers? If not, then have a look now to know what’s happening in the Jujutsu-verse.


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