Latest Solo Leveling Episodes Review: A perfect blend of action and drama

Solo leveling episode

Solo Leveling is taking the industry with storm with each episode. The way this anime is getting more hype with a large amount of fanbase, it’s in the race to compete against the big three. So far, A-1 Pictures is not joking around with the adaptation, they are legit adapting the Web Novel page to page without any rush.  

Though, Jinwoo had us all go Super Saiyan in the latest episode!!      

Solo Leveling Episode 4 Review: I’ve Gotta Get Stronger

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Episode 4 was full of fighting sequences beyond belief. For sure this episode brings back the fans who got disappointed with a slow build-up.   

I highly believe that this show has great potential, moreover, the first three episodes showcased the building up of the World system along with the characters. (Episode 4 spoilers ahead!!).

Besides an epic fighting scene, viewers witness the latent abilities of our main character and an amazing (voice actor) Episode 4 starts showing the Steel-Fanged Lycan pouncing on our main character Luckily, Sung avoids the attack, gathers courage and lands a punch on Lycan.    

Further Jinwoo pulls out a magic sword from the inventory which he achieved by completing the task, realizing that the sword outmatches Mr. Kim’s sword which Sung witnessed back in the double dungeon ordeal.    

Following this he defeats all the Lycans present there and collects ascension material instead of essence stones and mana crystals. Delving deeper into the instant dungeon Jinwoo gradually levels up increasing his strength points. This episode also shows the world-building of (the player development system) which is the difficulty of various monsters and beasts out there.    

What else is there in episode 4!!   

With our main character in action, we come across the perspective of Joohee, who’s again asked for help in a dungeon break, but this time she agrees upon remembering Jinwoo’s training at the hospital. Despite levelling up constantly in Instant Dungeon Jinwoo encounters a rare or we can say eerie feeling from that ordeal, crumbling his will to fight.    

Yet he decides to deal further in the dungeon. With this Sung decides not to give up in fear and battles with the dungeon boss (King of the Swamp: Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka).   

During this he again doubts himself seeing the difficulty marked as (Orange), throughout the fight Kasaka thrashes Jinwoo and running away in desperation he’s able to see himself out, which helps him to throw away a lethal blow at snake’s hide and kill it with a broken sword, while gathering ascension material he achieves Kasaka’s Venom Fang which is a C-rank dagger.  

After clearing up the dungeon Sung teleports back to the real world where he notices that something is wrong and reaches the dungeon break with help. He witnesses a Golem and destroys his defence with a broken sword, which shocks D-rank Tank!!   

Solo Leveling Episode 5 Review: A Pretty Good Deal!!  

Latest Solo Leveling Episodes

The recently dropped episode 5 begins with Sung’s nurse gaping over his physical transformation (The Glow Up is Real!!). When one of the nurses asks his number, Sung is somehow unable to see the effect of his transformation on the nurses, well his appearance flabbergasted me for a moment (why he’s such a meathead).  

Following up Jinwoo gets discharged from the Hospital and Jinah also notices his drastic change, In the starting scenes, Jinwoo discusses two main priorities which are his sister’s studies and his mother’s health, but Episode 5 showcases that it’s hard for an E-class hunter to earn money. A cameo appears showing one of the seven S-class Hunters Baek Yoonho discussing Hunter’s life in an interview.  

Further, we shift towards Jinwoo’s perspective where he thinks to level up stats other than strength, he’s currently on level 18 and in desperate need of money and to rank up he decides to join a party on a dungeon ordeal.   

 (The real game starts from here) showcasing the dark side of Solo levelling, Hunting is moreover a business, so people are mainly in it for easy money.  Sung smells that something’s off as there is no healer in the party. This shows how everyone has to make unpleasant decisions.    

Alongside Jinwoo as baggage carrier and Yoo Jinho a D-class hunter who belongs to a rich family goes on together into the dungeon with other party members consisting of C-rank and sub-D-rank hunters, as they delve deeper Jinwoo and Jinho create good bonding. Thanks to Jinwoo’s instinct, the party cleared the dungeon in an instant.   

Viewers are left on a cliffhanger as both Jinwoo and Jinho are betrayed by other party members for mana crystals and it’s time for a Boss battle which is up next in Episode 6.   


A-1 Pictures and I.G. Production are going wild, providing us with swift action scenes making Solo Leveling a legendary anime. For me the fourth episode showcased the game system and explained how Jin woo is concerned about his abilities but, Episode 5 is a total drama, freaking out fans to their roots. It’s just getting better and better; the excitement is up to the next level with two boss fights within two episodes.    

Are you eagerly waiting for episode 6?    


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