Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 Story so far!  

Mashle Magic and Muscles

Hat’s off to Hajime Komoto for providing such a masterpiece, Mashle: Magic and Muscles, viewers are already mesmerized with what we can say is Harry Potter meets One Punch Man kind of stuff. This show is an absolute banger, Season 1 was quite interesting, and Season 2 upholds the glory!  

Though we have seen a such story before (Black Clover), Mashle is more than comedy with an actual plot that leaves a great impression. Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 Premiered on January 6th along with one of the most hyped new gen anime “Solo Leveling”.   

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 Recap and Review  

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Mashle’s previous season ended with the battle between Mash Burnedead (the man who lifts!!) and Lang’s dorm with an interference of an Innocent Zero member Cell War. However Season 2 starts with a house party in Alders room with their chief guest Magia Lupus.  

The first episode titled ‘Mash Burnedead and the Divine Visionaries’ showcases Mash’s execution trial at the Bureau of Magic, suddenly Ryoh Grantz a divine visionary appears who wants to test out Mash’s abilities and is impressed by him Ryoh calls off his execution, by the time all divine visionaries appeared who wished for Mash’s execution, following this Orter Madl one of the Divine Visionary rebelled against Ryoh for calling off the execution.   

With humor and gag comedy, the first episode brings back their fans, and following up a parasite attaches itself to Minister Bless and it’s an invasion of Innocent Zero who claims Mash as their possession and declares war on the Bureau of Magic, likewise, Mash with his raw strength saves Bless from that parasite and gets an approval from Mr. Wahlberg and Rayne.   

Mashle Season 2: Opening and Voice cast are the national issue that’s attracting Fans!!  

With a banger opening (Bling Bang Bang Born by Creepy Nuts) which ranked above other openings and a stack of voice cast helps a lot to gain popularity, I mean they have two voice actors from each of the best anime out there   

  • Mash Burnedead- Chiaki Kobayashi  
  • Finn Ames- Reiji Kawashima  
  • Ryoh Grantz- Junichi Suwabe   
  • Lance Crown- Kaito Ishikawa  
  • Dot Barrett- Takuya Eguchi  

What Else Is Out There? 

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

As we all know, Mr. Wahlberg and Rayne Ames favor Mash due to which his execution gets canceled. In Episode 2 titled ‘Mash Burnedead and the Home Visit’ Mash and his friends go shopping and create massive chaos, get themselves a Magic Wand and visit Mash’s home.  

Though his dad is happy to see his friends, we can see Finn and his dad discussing how flimsy they all are (humor is everything).  

On the other hand, we witness Orter dealing with Margarette Macaron from Orca Dorm to kill Mash anyhow. Later on, they Face off with Rayne Ames and in episode 3 ‘Rayne Ames and God’s Gift, Rayne clashes with Margarette, and during the fight, Rayne awakens his third line, and three liners are meant to be a god’s gift. Following up in ep 3 Mash, Finn, Lance, and Dot prepare themselves for the Divine Visionary candidate exam and episode three ends with a mellow environment between Mash and his dad.  

Episode 4 and Episode 5

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

In the preview of episode 4 viewers witness the candidates and our main character in a colosseum for the exam, continuing Episode 4 ‘Mash Burnedead and the Brawny Balloons’ begins with a task named Deadervant’s Haunt where the candidates need to find a key to accomplish that’s inside of a balloon, following up Mash forms up a team with his senior and goes all out to find the key and succeeds after all.  

In Episode 5 ‘Finn Ames and Friends’ Mash face off with Carpaccio Lou-Yang seeing Finn’s devotion Mash goes all out and beats the hell out of Carpaccio with a tennis racket. Fanfare is happy to see such a strong first year and how he fights with our Creampuffs lover    

Gojo Satoru needs curse techniques, Luffy needs devil fruit, but all that Mash needs is a tennis racket.   

Honorable mentions!!  

If you liked Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 so far you should also give it a try Black Clover is not so different this anime also consists of one meathead with raw strength (Asta) non-magic user who beats the crap out of his enemies and how he develops along with his friends.  

One Punch Man: if you want to follow an exercise routine this anime is for you. Here Saitama shows how you can get a jacked build by just following his plan.  

(All meatheads are extremely strong, no comparison at all!)  

Final thoughts on Mashle Season 2   

If you are still in search of a new anime, Mashle is a stellar pick. Season 1 already rocked, and Season 2 is getting ready for a universal explosion. From Opening to dead humor, Mashle is what you all need.  

However, the flex is real!!  


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