Ninja Kamui Episode 1 Review: Gripping plot coupled with eye-popping action sequences

Ninja Kamui Episode 1 Review

The first episode of Ninja Kamui is live, and it could be dubbed a complete banger. The episode is available to stream on multiple platforms. In the very first minute of the show, we can see Sunghoo Park’s vision with the goal-level action sequences in the play. We can say that the fans are now desperately waiting for the second episode. Here in this article, we will talk about the Ninja Kamui Episode 1 recap, followed by the Ninja Kamui Episode 2 release date, time, and other details that you need to know.

Ninja Kamui Episode 1 review [Spoilers Ahead!]

Ninja Kamui episode 1

Ninja Kamui Episode 1 starts with a beautifully disturbing shot of a local train’s inside. Here we can see the guy who was shown in the early preview video of the anime. The scene moves forward with him running and reaching a street where he is surrounded by a lot of members from an organized crime syndicate. Despite putting up a good fight, he gets killed by an assassin who is looking more than deadly with a red gem in his skull.

After that scene, the focus moves on our main protagonist, who can be seen on the farms alone. He is living a peaceful life there with his wife and a child. Or we can say he is hiding from his past. While the assassins kept murdering people in the city, Joe Higen was keeping an eye on his farmhouse. His ultimate goal was to keep his family safe from those knuckleheads. Well, things don’t go according to his plan, and one night, the place gets attacked by those assassins.

While he was tackling them in the hall of their house, he heard a loud cry from his son coming from upstairs. Even after incurring some deadly damage, he tries to reach upstairs. After reaching, he gets to see his wife and kid lying down on the ground, trying to gasp their last breaths. The red gem assassin then murders his family along with him and runs from there before the police arrives. But destiny has a completely different plan for him as he emerges as the lone survivor of the attack.

The assassins once again attacked on him when he was in the hospital (Seriously, their bad luck). This time, he went all rogue and killed every single one of them, including the deadly Red Gem assassin. The action sequences are definitely going to give you chills. While knocking the deadliest one down, he reveals his original face. The first episode ends with the protagonist visiting his farmhouse for one last time, picking up his old box containing weapons, face mask, and setting up the house on fire.

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 release date, time, and where to watch

Ninja Kamui Episode 1

Ninja Kamui Episode 2 is all set to release on February 18, 2024. The anime will start streaming from 2:00 PM JST, and it will be available in both dub and sub formats. As of now, the anime is officially available to stream on MAX in most of the regions. However, if your region is not supported by MAX then there are other alternative websites to watch the Ninja Kamui Episode 2. One of the most popular website to stream is GoGoAnime.


With the mind-bending Ninja Kamui Episode 1, the expectations for the second episode are already high. Rumors have it that we will get to see a systematic approach of our protagonist in finding who was involved in the killing of his family. All in all, the anime looks more than promising. And we can get to see more nail-biting moments in the future as well.


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