Solo Leveling Episode 6 Review: Sung discovers a new ability

Solo Leveling Episode 6

The anime community is losing their minds to Solo Leveling Episode 6, A-1 studio is cooking, and OST Sawano is pure bliss. Solo Leveling is ready to Conquer the Isekai genre. The way Jinwoo is developing is way too excellent for us all.  A new episode is here where we will witness how Sung Jin-Woo deals with those who want him dead along with Yoo Jinho.  

Solo Leveling Episode 6 Review: The Real Hunt Begins!!  

Solo Leveling Episode 6

In “The Hunter Will Be Hunted,” fifth episode, we see Jin-Woo and Jinhoo trapped in a dungeon ordeal between a boss fight. The new episode starts with both of them left to die by other guild members to steal mana crystals, but the way this series is building up and showing Sung’s accurate battle instincts is beyond our thinking capacity.  

In the starting scenes, we witness Dongsuk and his team members discussing their way back to the dungeon and whether they have made a mistake by not killing Sung and Jin-Woo. Carrying forward, we shift towards Jin-Woo’s perspective, where he thinks back to the Instant dungeon Boss “Kasaka” and the Golem he encountered in the real-world dungeon break. Analyzing those bosses, he calculates the strength and level of the spider he is currently facing. 

 The fight starts with Sung dashing towards the Spider and attacking it with his full strength. Suddenly, the episode shows a cameo of Jinchul and the President of Hunter Surveillance System where Jinchul asks the president for a spar, and here, viewers witness what the president is capable of (Beware of old guys in anime!!). In the meantime, Sung desperately needs help, where he collects the extra rewards and achieves full recovery.   

Well! Now the actual game starts, Spider is no longer boss, and this is where Jinwoo shows his ruthless behavior. He has become more potent since his last encounter with Snake.   

In this episode, Sung discovers his new ability, “dashing,” and becomes the Flash of Solo Leveling.  

We also notice Heejin and Gina discussing their Guild and how S-Class Hunter Cha destroys the A-Class Dungeon Practice ordeal. As the series progresses with Sung’s new abilities and world, new characters are introduced.   

What Else is there  

Solo Leveling Episode 6

Sung Jin-Woo easily defeats the Spider and collects the ascension material. Suddenly, Dongsuk and his members enter the dungeon to collect the mana crystal, but not knowing that both have survived the Boss, Dongsuk asks Jinhoo to kill Jin-Woo to steal his expensive armor.   

Thus begins Sung’s first fight with humans, how he contemplates that he will kill humans and how arrogant he has become. The Last scene of this episode feels like an AMV and how emotions, anger, and fear are described amongst everyone when Jin-Woo deals with them.  

This Episode is a total banger and has no right to hit so hard with a fantastic OST between the fighting scenarios.  


The fanfare loved this episode and wants to see this series grow more. At this time, Solo Leveling is a Peak anime, which we came for and demanded from the anime adaptation. For more, please read our other Solo Leveling Reviews.  


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