The Fable Season 1 Recap: Gripping crime anime topped with adult humour

The Fable Season 1 Recap

The Fable illustrated by Katsuhisha Minami is a Seinen Manga which remains on the top position for a long time. The lore is all about a pro hitman whose name is enough to make you tremble. The Fable Season 1 premiered on 7th April and remains an underdog for many Shonen lovers. Though the animations may not be appealing, the storyline, along with adult comedy, is all you need to fulfil your craving for crime fiction.

The Fable Season 1 Recap

The Fable Season 1

However, fans worldwide have watched incredible crime fiction like Gangsta, Black Lagoon, 91 Days and My Home Hero, but The Fable is just something else. The intriguing narrative of a pro hitman who decides to live an ordinary life allures fans to the core. If you are new here, The Fable is an incredible series that will help you start your journey. Moreover, this series is a televisual feast for you if you are into the Crime and thriller genre.

Let’s reload our guns and get ready for a vendetta!!

The Fable Episode 1 Recap

The Fable Episode 1

Episode 1 sets the stage with a man assembling his gun, as the narrator hints at the existence of a prodigy in every field. The story revolves around this man, and suddenly, we’re thrust into a chase scene with two gangsters fleeing from a hitman. The tension escalates as one of the gangsters is shot in the head, and the other escapes via the elevator. Leaving us with a sense of intrigue about the hitman’s identity. However, the man, along with his backup, gets shot by the Fable, who recently wiped out his whole gang. The scene really depicts how pro he is at his work!!

After killing a bunch of gangsters, our Lonewolf escapes the crime scene with his assistant. Moreover, Fable asks her to turn on the TV and watch a comedy show. The scene flips, and both visit their hideout after disposing of a gun and the car.

Our main character, Fable, along with his assistant, meets their boss. The boss, impressed by Fable’s skills, asks him about his kill count and then makes a surprising decision to halt their work for a year. He hands them their earnings and advises them to live a normal life for a while, promising to arrange their driver’s licenses and insurance cards. This unexpected turn of events reveals a new side to Fable, adding depth to his character.

In addition, he arranges a place for them to live in Osaka and warns them not to kill anyone during this period or he will kill them mercilessly (such a kind boss he is). Later in the episode, Fable hides all his guns but hesitates to leave his companion, Nighthawk, behind (a pro would do anything to maintain decorum).

What else is there in Episode 1

According to the driver’s license, our main protagonist’s name is Akira Sato, and his companion’s name is Yoko Sato. The episode builds up their relationship as siblings, and later in the episode, Yoko reveals her devastating past. While they stop at a lounge, Akira witnesses two car burglars and nonchalantly tells Yoko that they are not pros.

In the meanwhile, Akira tries to stop himself, but as a pro, he confronts the car burglars and knocks them in a second. Finally, our menace duo arrives in Osaka, and Yoko reminds him of his fake name and asks to speak in the Kansai Dialect. How can someone underestimate a pro like Fable!! Well, this guy can speak five other dialects (So many hardships to become a pro like him)

In the ending scenes, the narrative builds a remarkable plot. We witness their hideout at a Yakuza Clan in Osaka. Other than that, the first episodes also unravel Fable’s past with the Maguro Group. Till the next episode drops showcasing our Lonewolf kill streaks in under 6 seconds. Check out our article on a loner delinquent in “Wind Breaker Season 1“.

The Fable Episode 2 Recap

The Fable Episode 2 Recap

In Episode 2, the narrative continues from where the previous episode left off. The previous episode unveiled the members of the Maguro group, including Hiroshi Hamada, who currently rules the organization, along with Takeshi Ebihara, who leads them as their captain. Before inviting the pro onto the screen, the previous episode leaves fans with a hint of Akira’s ideology and his hidden desires.  

However, in the new episode, Takeshi questions Hiroshi’s decision to house the legendary fable. Even after learning about Fable’s potential and threat level, Hiroshi seems unfazed. Moreover, he claims that Fable killed the leader and his man of the Sameken Group in just one shot. (Surely, the Fable will accept my request to train me in FPS games). Moving ahead, Hiroshi praises Akira and calls him a genius for being such a monster at killing.  

The scene shifts along with the tense vibe, and we witness Akira and Yoko visiting Hiroshi and Takeshi at their office. Seeing Fable as a nerd surely leaves a big impact on Takeshi, and as usual, the interrogation begins!! Amidst the conversation, Takeshi asks Akira how he would end up killing him along with his boss. 

 So far, the conversation has been upbeat, but our pro can’t resist his feelings and bursts out loud. The air crackles with stress, and Akira pins down several ways to kill them in an instant. Akira also reveals Takeshi’s gun, which he is not allowed to bring to the office. Eventually, Hiroshi and Takeshi seem impressed by Akira’s killer instinct. Later, they allow a stay for Akira and Yoko for a year.  

 The Legendary Fable delves deeper into his gruesome past

The Fable Episode 2

Following up, Takeshi shows them their new house, prohibiting them from touching his precious Hakosuka. Even after witnessing Fable’s identity, Takeshi believes the rumor is a fluke. Eventually, he ends up testing Fable’s capabilities, but nothing matches according to the rumors. Akira ends up dismantling every camera while investigating the house. Meanwhile, Takeshi orders his colleague to keep an eye on Akira’s every action.

Later in episode 2, the siblings decide to stroll around the town and end up celebrating their 1st day of normal life. However, Akira revisits his past, where he hikes up with a kill streak. The scene flips, and we unveil Takeshi commanding his colleague to chase the sibling out of the town.

Despite Hiroshi’s acceptance, Takeshi remains cautious about Akira’s presence. In the ending scenes, Akira encounters two thugs and realistically trolls them!! Akira goes full throttle as a pro-ordinary human and deflects all their attacks while acting like a wimp (This scene really catches me off guard). Episode 2 concludes on good terms as the build-up captivates fanfare because of the character development and a mix of action and comedy.  

The Fable Episode 3 Recap  

The Fable Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 starts with a conversation between Takeshi and Takahashi regarding Fable and his sister. Takahashi conveys that they gave the fable a good beating, though it stuns Takeshi at the spot. He chugs down the news with a smirk. Further, Ebihara deals with a black-market dealer for ammo. On the other hand, they discuss their work, and Ebihara’s curiosity drops as the dealer remarks on the work. The dealer smuggles pets along with arms and ammunition throughout the country. The scene flips, and we witness Takeshi testing his .38 caliber while going towards the destination. While Takeshi gets relief by firing simultaneously, our protagonist’s whole focus stays on Jackal and his dead humour.  

However, Fable receives a cryptic message from his boss while buying a Jackal disinfection product. Yoko tells Fable that their Boss wants them to buy a pet. But our meathead pro goes on with an idea to buy an ant. After all, Fable and Yoko decide to buy a pet. Fable gets fascinated by the Jackal stickers, and Takahashi continues to spy on Yoko.   

Later in the episode, Akira and Yoko visit a market named Loshin, Lohan. As they stroll around the market, Fable laughs at seeing a jackal sticker. While searching for a perfect pet, Fable’s eyes get crossed with a parrot that resembles the mark on his Nighthawk. Moreover, Fable suddenly decides to buy that parrot, while Yoko hesitates because of its hefty price. Fable gets stalked by the man he beat as a pro-ordinary man.    

Fable’s Plight  

The Fable Episode 3 Recap

Takahashi again brings his nasty duo and tells them to prey on Fable. But again, our pro hitman starts yelling and runs like a menace throughout the alley. While being chased, Fable perfectly jumps off from a bridge, which flabbergasts the kickboxer. We revisit the scene where Yoko rethinks her decision to buy that parrot. Even Yoko can’t change Fable’s decision, which leads him to buy his partner. On the other hand, Yoko decides to buy a hamster. After returning from the pet market, Yoko tells Fable about his pet’s diet and commands him to name his parrot.   

The duo regroups with Takahashi and tells him about the jump Fable attempted, which surely scares the soul out of Takahashi. The scene flips, and we witness Fable giving food to his pet. Besides giving him food, he names the parrot Captain. We cut out to the scene where Takahashi informs Takeshi about Fable’s mischief.   

Takeshi orders Takahashi to invite Yoko to dinner to retrieve information and intel about Fable. We visit Fable’s place, where the captain poops on his head. Witnessing the poop on his head, Fable decides to toy with Captain, which leads to a bit of damage to Fable’s private part. Meanwhile, Yoko bonds up with her hamster. As usual, creepy Takahashi stalks her through cameras and bugs.   

A Potential Date Leads Yoko into a Grave Situation  

The Fable Episode 3 Recap

Further, Ebihara visits his garage to check his precious Hakosuka. But flusters by seeing Fable working out naked. Takeshi also reminds Fable that the garage is off-limits. Amidst the conversation, Takeshi asks Fable if he’s free tonight (Man, what a letdown!!). However, everything remains simple between both of them. Takeshi decides to pick up Sato at 9:00 pm. However, Takahashi goes to Yoko’s place and asks her out for a tour. Though Yoko contemplates the situation, she warns Akira about her situation.    

Fable decides to go with Takeshi for a stroll and discuss their favorite guns. However, Yoko smells something funny while being with Takahashi. Takeshi commands Fable to wear a knit cap and tells him to fight a pro wrestler.  However, the legend comes true, and Fable dashes straight at the wrestler. This episode filled us with immense world-building and a deep relationship between Fable and Captain. Let’s delve deeper to continue with Fable’s intriguing tale.    


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