Why did Kokushibo Become a Demon? 

Why did kokushibo become a demon?

The Demon Slayer anime continues to the end with an astounding narrative. Fanfare worldwide seeks to know why did Kokushibo become a demon. Though being an essential antagonist in the series, Kokushibo’s personality captivates fans to the core. Meanwhile, upper ranks like Douma and Akaza seek fame, but what really makes Kokushibo stand out is his calm.  

For me, Kokushibo is one heck of a guy who adds depth to the Demon Slayer universe. Meanwhile, Demon Slayer’s “Hashira Training Arc” is on the run, and there is a slight chance that we can witness his grandeur.  

Moreover, the narrative continues with the uttermost training of our lads with none other than the strongest Hashira Gyomei Himejima!! Let’s gear up to unravel the secrets and past of Kokushibo, “the most feared man” in the Demon Slayer anime!!  

Why Did Kokushibo Become a Demon? A Deep Dive in Upper Moon One’s History (Spoilers Ahead!!)

Until now, the storyline has been just a sneak peek of what’s going to happen next!! The foreshadowing and secrets will come into the limelight, which will surely thunderstruck the fanbase (Manga Readers know well!!). How did he become a demon? What was his relationship with Demon Slayer Corps? It’s time to relieve all your restless souls.  

Let me introduce you to an overwhelming character, Kokushibo, from the Demon Slayer series. Kokushibo or we can say Michikatsu Tsugikuni, is a six-eye demon who’s currently serving under Muzan as an Upper Moon One. His remarkable past is nothing like Akaza and Gyutaro, full of pity, but his lifespan as a human was induced by anger and fear.  

Kokushibo’s Past as a Demon Slayer Corp

kokushibo manga panel

Kokushibo was Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s older twin brother and was more competent than his sibling. But when a stage of perfection is set between siblings, the relationship burns out of jealousy. Meanwhile, their father preferred Kokushibo in their childhood because Yoriichi had a birthmark on his face, which seemed meritless to his father.   

Over time, Kokushibo received the best out of the best, whether it was training or comfort in his lifestyle. But all the good things came to an end, with everyone focusing on Yoriichi due to his abilities and raw strength as a swordsman. Moreover, Yoriichi was a born talent compared to Kokushibo.  

Things heated up with jealousy between the brothers, but Kokushibo kept his calm and trained hard to become the best swordsman in the world. Eventually, Kokushibo joined forces with Yoriichi when Muzan came into appearance. However, Kokushibo found Sun Breathing hard to conquer, which his brother Yoriichi introduced. By then, Kokushibo also introduced his own breathing technique named “Moon Breathing,” which is just the opposite of Sun Breathing.  

Gradually, Kokushibo went on a killing spree with his subordinates to save humanity. However, his fate really is disappointing. While serving his life as a demon Slayer Corp, he got the Demon Slayer Mark, which scares the soul out of him. Due to the curse of the Demon Slayer Mark (the one acquiring the Mark will die at the age of 25), Kokushibo decided to join arms with Muzan Kibutsuji. 

Moreover, Kokushibo became a demon because of his fear of death and the jealousy engraved in his heart for his brother. Eventually, Yoriichi escapes the curse, which forces Kokushibo to gain more powers.  

Kokushibo’s Relationship with Muzan Kibutsuji   

After becoming a demon, Kokushibo served under Muzan as Upper Moon Rank One, and he’s one of Muzan’s favorites. Kokushibo demonstrates loyalty towards Muzan to an extent. With an enthralling demeanor, Kokushibo remained Upper Moon Rank One for almost 480 years while successfully avoiding his curse. 

He is the only demon amongst the twelve Kizuki who has experienced a lifestyle as a Demon Slayer Corp. Moreover, Muzan gained Benefits through his breathing technique to conquer the world. Moreover, Kokushibo has the ability to oversee beyond the skin, which helps him to gain knowledge of his opponent’s muscle movement and blood flow.  

Even though he’s the most powerful demon for the new generation of Demon Slayer Corp., Kokushibo is still haunted by the skills and abilities of his prodigal brother.  

Kokushibo’s First Appearance in Demon Slayer Anime

The Demon Slayer franchise has captivated the fans worldwide. Moreover, we get to see new characters along with the plot development in the third season of the Demon Slayer Series. However, in the first episode of the third installment of the series, we witnessed Kokushibo’s tremendous entry, which left the fans on the edge of their seats.  

As the Sword Smith Arc Continues, the premiere showcases Kokushibo’s personification along with Douma and Akaza in the Demon meeting at the Infinity Castle. While Akaza was trying to dominate Douma, Kokushibo’s response stuns him. Moreover, the mysteries unravel as we witness Tanjiro’s connection with the founder of the Sun Breathing Technique.  

When Will Kokushibo Appear Again in the Series (Spoilers Ahead!!) 

Witnessing his majestic personality, fanfare eagerly awaits his appearance at the coming end of the Demon Slayer Anime. However, it is expected that Kokushibo will appear again at the end of the Hashira Training Arc. Eventually, we will unravel the mystery of Kokushibo and his relationship with his descendants, Muichiro Tokito and Yuichiro Tokito.  

We can again expect his daunting aura in the next season, “Infinity Castle Arc.” Moreover, it will be an amazing season because the most anticipated fight ever will commence (Kokushibo vs. Gyomei, Genya, Muichiro, and Sanemi). Eventually, the reason behind Kaigaku’s transformation is also connected to Kokushibo. All in all, the next season, along with the All-Out War, will be nerve-wracking and will surely break the internet!! 


There are no words for this Staggering series. The plot development, foreshadowing, and the character with absurd powers are just the zenith of Fiction!! In addition, the Demon Slayer universe will wipe out other new-gen anime with the commencement of All-Out War!!  

Furthermore, Kokushibo’s legacy will leave fans on the verge of curiosity. I am damn sure Kokushibo’s entrance into the battlefield will dumbfound the fanbase to their core. However, the strongest Hashira vs The Strongest Upper Moon is going to be one of the best anime fights tat we will ever witness!! 

What’s your opinion on the Upper Moon Rank One? While you wait for Kokushibo’s screentime, you can read our article on the emotional journey of “Sabito“.

Also watch the new season”Hashira Training Arc” on Crunchyroll to explore devastating twist of fate in Tanjiro’s life.


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