Demon Slayer Lower Moons In Order, Ranked By Strength!! 

Lower Moons

Demons are the epitome of treachery and utter chaos, and their grotesque art is perfectly shown in contemporary cinemas. However, demons in the animanga industry are popular among the fanbase due to their powers and radiant abilities. Meanwhile, demons in Demon Slayer are ranked as Lower Moons and Upper Moons. So, today, we will unveil lower moons and their malevolent wrath!! 

Likewise, lower moons are also the creation of Muzan Kibutsuji, who comes under the Twelve Kizuki. However, after the death of Lower Moon 5, Muzan killed other lower moons except Enmu, who displayed uproar in the Mugen Train Movie!! 

Let’s delve into the abyss to unravel their secrets, which makes them formidable adversaries in the demon slayer universe!! 

Rapacious Lower Moons, Ranked by Strength!! 

6. Kyogai 

Lower Moon 6

Kyogai was the first demon confronted by our lads in the Mount Natagumo arc. Muzan demoted Kyogai due to his limits. Also known as the drum demon, Kyogai possessed immense strength. Despite being the sixth lower moon in the Twelve Kizuki, his desire for recognition revealed his viciousness!! 

In addition, Kyogai can manipulate directions and create lightning-fast strikes through rapid drumming. However, Tanjiro recognized Kyogai’s blood demon art!! 

5. Rui 

Lower Moon 5

A spider demon who lurked in the twilight and trapped low-level demons with his unique spider web. As we all know, Demon Slayer makes an incredible comeback when the topic is about “backstories”. Rui, an official lower rank five appointed by Muzan, had a tragic past which persuades him even in his demon form!! Tanjiro fought Rui in the Mount Natagumo arc, where Rui caused ample trouble for Tanjiro and Nezuko. 

Rui’s Blood Demon Art is terrifying amongst the Lower Moons as he can manipulate and change the web threads into lethal weapons. Tanjiro got his spot saved due to Plot Armor!! 

4. Mukago 

Lower Moon 4

Mukago, lower rank 4 in the Twelve Kizuki, was known for her latent abilities and cunning nature. She was not displayed in action along with Lower Moon 3 and 2, but her strength and her ability to use her blood demon art to manipulate plants and strike fatal slashes made her a formidable opponent. If Muzan gave her a chance, she could outsmart Tanjiro using the traps from her flora abilities. 

3. Wakuraba 

Lower Moon 3

Wakuraba is lower moon 3, known for his swiftness and elusive nature. However, He also faced the same fate as Mukago in the first season. Eventually, Wakuraba’s appearance gives some hints that he knew Tengen in his human past!! Wakuraba controls insects, and his brute strength is like that of a cream of the crop on the Lower Moons!! 

2. Rokuro 

Lower Moon 2

Rokuro is lower moon two amongst the Twelve Kizuki. Besides Rui and Enmu, Rokuro is an ambitious demon in the series, seeking the progenitor’s blood and fatal strength. However, Rokuro and Lower Moon 3 and 4 were just tools in front of Muzan before even showcasing any abilities and their specific blood demon art. These three were killed mercilessly by Muzan. However, Rokuro can split his body into many parts, which makes it difficult and provocative for Demon Slayers to defeat Lower Moon 2. 

1. Enmu 

Lower Moon 1

Lower Moon 1, Enmu, was the strongest among the lower moons. While Muzan killed everyone, Enmu begged for mercy, which worked for him. His sadistic nature makes him an infuriating character in the Mugen Train Arc. Moreover, Enmu was delighted by Muzan’s blood, which enhanced his blood demon art. Certainly, Enmu possesses the power to manipulate dreams and can control people through their nightmares. Though Akaza stole the show from Enmu, his remarkable blood demon art got recognized throughout the fanbase!! 

Besides his “Sleep Inducement”, Enmu can also control flesh manipulation, which gives him more advantages and perks to win a battle!! 


Demon Slayer season 4 is ending, and its alluring lore has excited the whole fandom for the upcoming All-Out War!! Meanwhile, what’s your opinion on the lower moons mentioned above!! Watch Sayo and Gyomei’s relationship in the latest episode on Crunchyroll!! 


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