Demon Slayer Upper Moons In Order, Ranked By Strength!! 

Upper Moons

The Upper Moons in Demon Slayer are the members of the twelve Kizuki who serve under Muzan Kibutsuji. Vowed with the motive to sow terror amongst humankind, these Upper Moons fulfill their rapacious desires. While fanfare worldwide is buzzing all over the internet for Hashiras, Demons are the one who adds depth to the Demon Slayer universe. Though the progenitor is broken in strength, he appointed six demons to eradicate the Demon Slayer Corp. 

The Upper Moons, known for their ruthless nature and bloodthirsty battles, also possess unique and cunning abilities that make them fan favorites and the most appealing antagonists in the series. Their dreadful past and these abilities add a layer of intrigue and fascination to their characters.  

Ultimately, they are all vessels filled with Blood Demon Art to clear Muzan’s Path!! 

Diabolical Upper Moons, Ranked by Strength!! 

6. Kaigaku 

Upper Moons in Demon Slayer

Former Demon Slayer Corp, Kaigaku is the Upper Moon Six who gained demon powers from Kokushibo in an uncanny encounter! However, his characteristics and personality are enough to make the whole fandom mad! Not once but twice, he betrayed his master along with Gyomei, which cost several lives!!  

The upcoming Infinity Castle Arc promises an exciting battle between Kaigaku and Zenitsu, where we will further witness the unique combination of blood demon art and Thunder Breathing that makes Kaigaku an outcast in the series. This anticipation adds to the excitement and eagerness of the audience.  

Until you die, you haven’t lost. You may rub your face in the dirt… you may lose your home or drink muddy water… people may curse you for stealing money… but as long as you live on… you can win someday. You will win. I have moved forward with that belief.


5. Gyokko 

Gyokko Demon Slayer

Gyokko was the 5th Upper Moon demon in Muzan’s elite list of the Twelve Kizuki. Gyokko was revealed in the Sword Smith Village Arc, where he clashed with Tokito Muichiro. Though he lost to a Hashira, his abilities were unique and disgusting in their ways. However, his appearance was more alarming than his powers. 

Gyokko was the master of Grotesque Art, which he used to make with the help of human bodies. Moreover, Gyokko can teleport through the vessels he created. Using his Blood Demon Art, Gyokko could manipulate water and summon a fish-like demon to kill the opponent instantly!!  

Behold my beautiful and sincere seriousness


4. Nakime 

upper moons in demon slayer

Current Upper-Rank Four replaced Hantengu with her formidable abilities and traits. Nakime is a biwa demon who can manipulate the Infinity Castle’s Layout. With her enigmatic power and skills, she’s one of the favored Upper Moons for Muzan Kibutsuji. Meanwhile, she can create a portal and change the dimensions of the Castle accordingly. 

Nakime is an infuriating Demon who can escape the sun quickly and trap intruders forever!! However, we will soon witness Nakime’s battle against Iguro and Kanroji at the nearby peak, a confrontation that promises to be intense and thrilling!! 

3. Akaza 

(For God’s sake, don’t call my man a basketball!!) Akaza is the Upper-Rank Third in the elite class. As per strength, Akaza can effortlessly kill Hashira except Gyomei, Sanemi, and Tokito. His brute strength is enough to give you goosebumps. As we have witnessed his ferocious fight with the flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, Akaza excels in all combat styles. 

Moreover, he’s one of the feared demons in the series. Akaza’s sheer will and honor make him an undisputed character in the series. However, once you lose the will to fight, it’s easy to kill him. Get ready for another heart-breaking backstory!! 

Only by rising our limitations can we truly become powerful


2. Doma 

upper moons in demon slayer

Current Upper Rank Two, Doma is a real menace and can be called a demon for his faking demeanor!! Though Doma seems welcoming and gentle as a demon, his intentions are pure evil for every woman in the country!! Before turning into a demon, he was a noble who showed guidance to others. But soon, the guidance turned into bloodlust!! For Muzan, no one’s better than Doma for making a strategy.  

However, Doma serves his evil deeds while fighting Inosuke, Kanao, and Shinobu. Also, Doma killed Kanae Kocho and Inosuke’s mother!! 

Is it a new vase? It’s beautiful. I put a woman’s fresh head in the vase you gave me in my room.


1. Kokushibo 

Kokushibo demon slayer

Even if Kokushibo is the Upper Moon One, you can’t hate him for any reason!! Lad went through a lot to prove his worth in the Tsugikuni Family. Being a Demon Slayer Corp in the Sengoku Era enhances his mighty aura and showcases the theme of envy and rivalry. 

Michikatsu Tsugikuni, also known as Kokushibo, was the brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who developed the Sun Breathing. Haunted by his own brother’s success, Michikatsu decided to join arms with Muzan. Since the Sengoku Era, Kokushibo has served as a loyal demon under Muzan.  

Kokushibo is really strong!! Along with his swordsmanship skills and the Blood Demon Art, Kokushibo can use the Moon Breathing, which he created back in time. Furthermore, you can witness Kokushibo in action against Gyomei, Tokito, and Sanemi in Infinity Castle Arc!! 

Only you are outside of the natural laws of this world. Only you won God’s favor and are living your life. I hate you. I want to kill you.



Demon Slayer, the ace of the new-gen anime, is an alluring narrative that showcases several scenarios, such as loss, survival, agony, and more!! The above list includes the Upper Moons from the Twelve Kizuki. However, what’s your opinion on the Upper Six? Their unwavering resolve makes the series much better!! 

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