Blue Lock 267 Spoilers: Kaiser Vs Isagi Is Going To Be Extreme

Blue Lock 267 Spoilers

Blue Lock chapter 267 is all set to release on July 3, 2024. And like every time, the Blue Lock 267 spoilers for the same are already out. In the previous chapter, we got to see how Kaiser did the unimaginable by shooting a goal and giving Bastard Munchen a much-needed lead.

The latest leaks show the striker in spotlight and the after-effects of his goal. If you are waiting for the original Blue Lock 267, it will be available to read starting July 3 on the Kodansha K manga application. That being said, if you can’t wait for the official release, here is everything that you want to know about the upcoming Blue Lock 267.

Blue Lock 267 Spoilers: Kaiser becomes the talk of the town

Blue Lock 267 raw scans

Blue Lock chapter 267 named Golden Ticket starts with PxG players having mixed reactions to Kaiser’s goal. While some of them were dubbing it pure luck others said that the shot was a masterpiece and it was more than unstoppable. Then the chapter throws light on Hiyori asking Kiyora why the latter chose Kaiser over Isagi to take the shot.

To this, Kiyora said that he doesn’t want to be on the losing side. After that, Isagi asks Kiyora about what’s going to happen next, to which Kiyora says that he will assist Kaiser but nothing is certain about the future. Isagi also had a keen eye on the development of Kaiser as a player before and even in the match. Isagi being Isagi, starts to find pieces to connect and outclass Kaiser on the field.

Isagi Understands Kaiser’s ideology

Blue Lock 267 Isagi

In the next scene, we get to see Kaiser thanking Ness for assisting him and simultaneously telling him that he cannot see the future with Ness. And the conversations seem a little more rude than required from Kaiser’s side. Watching all this Isagi understood that Kaiser is the type of player who left comrades behind for his hunger to grow. On the contrary, Isagi tries to develop maximum chances by being in sync with other teammates. Isagi comes to the conclusion that he needs to understand the egoists better if he wants to bury Kaiser.

Kaiser vs Isagi

Blue Lock 267 spoilers are here

In Blue Lock 267 spoilers, we see a banter between Isagi and Kaiser and the latter even shows the middle finger to the former. Both of them are militant about leaving a mark in the game by winning it for Bastard Munchen. Blue Lock 267 spoilers end with showing Rin Itoshi with flame-red eyes.

Overshadowed by three of his rivals, Itoshi Rin seethes with rage! As both teams wait for the game to restart, the aloof genius prepares to assert his dominance and announce himself as the world’s best player.



That’s all from our side as of now for the Blue Lock 267 spoilers. One thing that we know is that the manga is getting more and more intense with every chapter. What’s more, the franchise has also announced the name of the next chapter, Blue Lock 268 – Pressure. There are chances that we will get to see Rin Itoshi in action as well. The spoilers for the Blue Lock 268 will be out in a week and we will cover that for sure. Until then, you can enjoy reading our article on Ego Jinpachi, one of the most fierce football managers in Blue Lock.


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