Blue Lock 266 Spoilers: Kaiser Gives Bastard Munchen The Much Needed Advantage

Blue Lock 266 spoilers

While the fans are waiting for Blue Lock Season 2, the manga is getting a lot of traction with the constant spoilers. Recently, The Blue Lock 266 spoilers appeared on the internet, and they are more than spellbounding. The leaks clearly tell us that the match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen is getting way out of hand with every minute on the field. Kaiser has even impressed Yoichi Isagi with his skills. Now, as fans, we are just waiting to see these chapters get animated.

Blue Lock Chapter 266 spoilers: Kaiser owns the field with his superstar goal

For starters, you should know that Blue Lock chapter 266 is a short one. The match between Bastard Munchen and Paris X Gen becomes nothing less than a battle. To establish their dominance, Bastard Munchen scored a second goal against PxG, and it came from Kaiser, of course. The 265th chapter ended with Kiyora Jin passing the ball to Kaiser. The ball had the apt amount of backspin to develop the accurate conditions for the curved Kaiser Impact shot.

According to the Blue Lock 266 leaks, the chapter starts with Kaiser kicking the ball, along with a lot of factors in the background. The glimpses show us how he was abused by his father. He used to call his ball a piece of trash. And that’s not it; he also says to the ball that if one day they will start making money, then they can eat good food. As soon as the flashback ends, we can see the Kaiser Impact Magnus shot in action with a successful goal.

Right before the ball started curving inside for the goal, every other team member though that it is just another miskick from Kaiser. However, Isagi realizes pretty instantly that the attempt is different from what Kaiser did the last time. The goal had such an impact on the team that Isagi himself called Kaiser a Superstar. And with this goal, Kaiser provided the much needed upper hand to his team.


That’s it from the Blue Lock 266 spoilers as of now. The chapter was a little shorter than previous chapters for sure. However, it was supposed to be that way because it was only about Kaiser’s goal. Apart from that, the chapter has also revealed the name of Blue Lock Chapter 267 – The Golden Ticket. It will be interesting to see in which direction the Blue Lock saga will go after this.


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