How Is Bachira Different From Other Blue Lock Characters?

Blue Lock Bachira

Blue Lock is a fast-paced shounen anime with a sports theme. The plot of this show revolves around creating the best striker and football team for Japan to represent them in the FIFA World Cup. To obtain such a target, an organization called “Blue Lock” was formed, which will help select talented players. And one of the legendary players that are taking part in the Blue Lock program is Meguru Bachira. 

Moving forward in this article, we will discuss in detail what makes Bachira different from other characters. 

Basic details of Meguru Bachira from Blue Lock

Bachira monster

Meguru Bachira is a thin body frame, cheerful personality player with yellow and black hair, and has an eccentric mindset.

What makes Bachira stand out from the crowd is his carefree playstyle. Everyone in Blue Lock is quite serious, but when you consider Bachira, you will notice that he is more inclined towards enjoying the match and not only trying to win. The character was voiced by Tasuku Kaito in Japanese and Drew Breedlove in English.

History of Bachira

History of bachira

In Blue Lock Season 1, we got a glimpse of what life was for Bachira before Blue Lock happened. He was a cheerful kid with a good heart and undoubtedly amazing at the game. However, things were not easy for him since the beginning, as he was a victim of brutal bullying. 

Most of the bullying came because of his exceptional football skills and the hatred other players had towards him. The bullying episode was so extreme that he underwent treatment to get over it. However, when nothing worked, Bachira developed an alter ego or, you can say, an imaginary friend whom he called ‘Monster’.

However, he was unable to cherish the presence of his monster friend. But things changed for all the good reasons when he entered the Blue Lock facility and saw other individuals with alter egos as well. Blue Lock facility gave Bachira a free hand to unleash his monster on the football field. 

Bachira’s abilities and character sketch

Bachira is a clever and highly agile individual; he has an aggressive yet composed playstyle and can help his fellow teammates to unlock their potential.

Bachira is known for his unmatched dribbling skills on the field, a skill with which he has outsmarted many players. He uses his gut instinct to dribble the ball all around the field giving him immense control over the ball.

If you have already watched Blue Lock Season 1, then you must know about Bachira’s Elastic Dribble, a state in which he can move at tremendous speed.

Now, coming to other abilities of our boy Bachira, he can also act as a great passer, which helps other players reach the goal and score.

The final and most powerful skill of Bachira is the awakening of his flow, which is called MONSTERSTANCE. In this state, he can move at an outstanding pace and can move throughout the field at ease. In this form, it is basically impossible to take the ball from him.

Apart from that, Bachira is also a lazy guy. Now, with laziness, I am questioning his physical abilities; instead, here I am praising his solution-finding capabilities. He tends to find easy ways to pass the ball on the field, making him unique again.

Bachira’s Blue Lock saga

Bachira comes from a regular family, living with his mother. He joined Blue Lock to fully play his heart out as he could meet people similar to him.

Bachira was unable to play freely previously as he was mocked and bullied for being unique in terms of playing football, and his mother always supported him to the fullest. Later, Blue Lock Happened 

He was selected for the program and enlisted in team Z, which also includes our protagonist, Isagi. Until now, we have seen Bachira as a back-end character, but after some time, we have seen him reveal his true potential bit by bit.

After an elimination match with Rin, a fellow talented player, Bachira was taken away from the Z team and became a team member of team V, which Rin led.

Bachira’s friends and foes

Bachira Friends

As far as I noticed, he can easily befriend anyone with his cheerful personality. He even made friends with earnest characters like Rin, who has been seen being rude to everyone. 

We can’t say that Bachira has enemies on the field. But considering the concept of Blue Lock, finding the best striker in Japan, everyone is his enemy. On a concluding note, Bachira is an individual who can be both a friendly bird and a ferocious beast according to his circumstances. 

Wrapping up

In this article, I’ve tried to mention all the things that you need to know about Bachira. There are chances that we will get to see more about him in the Blue Lock Season 2 where he will compete to reach the top. Until then, you can have a look at our article based on Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie release date and know if your country is on the schedule or not.

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