Noragami Season 3 Is Reportedly In Production; Here’s What We Know So Far

noragami season 3

Noragami made its place in the industry as one of the best anime shows with just two seasons. Nonetheless, fans have been eagerly waiting for Noragami Season 3 as almost a decade has passed since the launch of Noragami Season 2. Now, pretty recently, an X user who goes by the name Tsumize has suggested that the third season of Noragami is in the works. Leaks and rumors regarding the show suggest that Kotaro Tamura will be heading the production backed by Studio Bones.

Noragami is the anime adaption of manga that goes by same name created by the Adachitoka’s. the anime started airing in 2014 and the second season made its debut in 2015. After that, there has been no update from the officials regarding Noragami Season and multiple reasons contributed to the producers decision of not continuing the series.

Reason behind the halt of Noragami Anime Series

Noragami Season 1 was a success when it aired in 2014, and the second season followed its path. Nonetheless, the anime’s reach could have been better at that time as compared to other popular shows taking the whole world by storm. Citing this, Studio Bones decided to discontinue the series after the second season (Noragami Aragato). After that, Studio Bones gave us some of the best shows like My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Bungo Stray Dogs, etc.

Reasons behind the rework on Noragami Season 3

While we agree that everything is nothing but a rumor at this point in time. Still, there are two substantial reasons why Noragami Season 3 can become a reality. Firstly, the discussions regarding the last two seasons of the show are spreading like wildfire on forums like Reddit. The way it is getting popularity right is apt enough to suggest that Noragami Season 3 will have a wider reach than previous seasons.

The second reason (nothing but a branch of the first one) is that the Noragami manga ended in January 2024, which was a major reason behind the skyrocketed curiosity and discussion among the fandom. And if the rumours hold any truth, then we can see an official announcement from Studio Bones regarding Noragami Season 3.

Noragami Season 3 Release Date: Is there any confirmation regarding the same

A straight and simple answer to that question is no. As of now, the rumors are only about the production of Season 3. There is nothing available on the internet that can throw light on the release date of Noragami’s third season. That being said, we will suggest that fans take any and every piece of information regarding the anime with a truckload of salt. And don’t forget to keep a regular tab on this piece, as we will keep updating it as soon there is a new rumor, leak, or official confirmation regarding Noragami Season 3.

Noragami Anime: Plot

Noragami revolves around Delivery God Yato and his hardships. Being a minor deity with zero worshippers, he indulges in odd jobs that pay him as little as five yen. The main goal behind earning all that money was to buy a shrine for himself. However, his problems amplify when his weapon partner Shinki leaves him (no one wants to live with a homeless god). And now, Yato has no weapon. He takes up more jobs as it’s not only about the shrine (as he also needs a weapon).

One fine day, when he was putting up flyers for a missing cat, he saw the cat and started chasing behind her. When he was going to get hit by a vehicle, a girl named Hyori Iki, who lived nearby, pushed him, and that resulted in the girl getting injured badly.

As Hyori wakes up in the hospital, she realizes that her soul is out of her body. Seeing all this, Yato decides to help Hyori for five yen (don’t judge him already; he is a struggling god with no devotees). Now, the catch here is that he can only do that with a Shinki. Here, we get to see Yukine making a debut. That’s it for the plot details. You can read the manga or even watch the anime to learn more.

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  1. Danny Tie

    I hope so that this is true. Noragami was my first Anime and i fell in love with Yato, Hiori and Yukine. With this Anime a wonderful journey began, into the world of Anime. Yato holds a very special place in my heart … forever and I cant wait to see the last season.

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