Demon Slayer: Is Muzan Related To Ubuyashiki? [SPOILERS AHEAD!!!]

Demon Slayer" Is Muzan related to Ubuyashiki

Demon Slayer’s alluring storyline has been on the top since its release. What makes this series intriguing is the plot development and especially the foreshadowing!! Though there are many hierarchical connections in Demon Slayer universe. However, there are a couple of questiona that keep the fans on their toes – Is Muzan related to Ubuyashiki? and Is Muzan the main culprit behind the Ubuyashiki Curse?  

For all restless souls out there!! Let’s delve into the world of Demon Slayer to unravel the twisted fate of Kagaya Ubuyashiki and know how is Muzan related to Ubuyashiki family!! 

So, if you are curious about their tragedy, it’s time for you to submerge in the pool full of SPOILERS!! 

Till now in the demon Slayer series, we came to know that Ubuyashiki Family is in charge to exterminate demons from the world. So, on the master of Demon Slayer Corp Kagaya Ubuyashiki has served his duty to abolish the demons along with their Progenitor. However, this feud between Muzan and Ubuyashiki family stretches back thousands of years.  

When we discuss any theory regarding the foreshadowing and the hierarchical connections. Demon Slayer has always delivered with exceptional narrative. Likewise, the relation between Michikatsu Tsugikuni (Kokushibo) and the Demon Slayer corps is pitch perfect! Likewise, the past of Muzan and Kagaya shares a complex and fascinating connection in the series, which adds more depth to the Demon Slayer universe. 

Muzan and Kagaya are blood related to each other. As they share a family tree from more than 1000 years. However, being blood related Muzan has a bold antagonism against Kagaya. In addition, Ubuyashiki’s are the descendants of Muzan’s relatives which may be the main cause of the curse.  

Is Muzan accused of the Ubuyashiki Family Curse?! 

Let’s go back in time to understand their complex relationship! All this mess starts from the Heian Era when Muzan’s birth took place in Kibutsuji clan. Despite his degenerated health, Muzan escapes death and lives up to 20 years.  

But due to sickness and the curse in their clan the prophecy says that Muzan will accordingly. Agonized by the priests commandments. A doctor begins Muzan’s treatment which doesn’t end well and leads to Muzan’s transformation into a mere demon. As we all know Kagaya is the descendant of Muzan’s relative. The demon’s blood running down in Muzan veins is the main cause for the Ubuyashiki Family Curse. Due to which Kagaya can only live 30 years of his life! 

Ubuyashiki’s Commitment only an amusement for Muzan!! 

All in all, Muzan is the root for the fierce battle which has been happening since 1000 of years ago. Recalling the curse Ubuyashiki Family took an oath to exterminate the progenitor and lead to a curse free hierarchy!! However, Muzan mocks the Ubuyashiki family for the long resolve to kill him. Which indeed took more than 1000 years!! 

Muzan Kitbutsuji. I swear I’ll defeat you if it’s the last thing that i do

Kagaya Ubuyashiki to Muzan Kibutsuji

Despite their blood bonding, Muzan’s animosity is clearly seen in chapter 137 when he finally meets Kagaya who’s bedridden due to the curse. While describing his sentiment towards Muzan, Kagaya along with his wife Amane dies in a blast to weaken Muzan and leaves the rest for Hashiras. Kagaya sacrificed himself for the achievement of demon free world and next generations without any curse!! 


Profoundly Demon Slayer is pothole full of theories and relations between demons and Demon Slayer Corp. Likewise, Kagaya and Micheal Jackson shares same fate!! Furthermore, this feud will stop by the time All-out-war releases!! Despite their rivalry, Kagaya’s bold determination and fierce willpower captivates fans to the core. If you are new to the Demon Slayer Universe watch Demon Slayer on Crunchyroll to excavate more theories amongst Demon Slayer Corp. 


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