Solo Leveling Season 2 Trailer Highlights Sung Jin-Woo’s Evolution And New Foes!! 

Solo Leveling Season 2 Trailer

The most anticipated anime of the year, Solo Leveling, is back with new visuals at Anime Expo 2024. Though new anime releases this July, fans are buzzing with excitement as A1 Pictures reveals the Solo Leveling season 2 trailer. Moreover, fanfare witnessed Taito Ban (Voice Actor of Jin-Woo) and the producers of A1 Pictures at the Solo Leveling panel discussion.  

Solo Leveling season 2, titled “Arise from the Shadow,” will depict one of the best arcs in Solo Leveling (Manga readers know well!!). Further, we will witness Jin-Woo’s relationship with Igris and the upcoming shadows who join his army. Without further ado, let’s delve into the teaser to witness Sung Jin-Woo’s astonishing grind!! 

Solo Leveling Season 2 Trailer Sees Jin-Woo Continuing His Journey with Unprecedented Challenges 

The Solo Leveling season 2 trailer premieres with a phenomenal OST titled “4eVR” by Hiroyuki Sawano. In the teaser trailer, we witness Jin-Woo’s epic showdown against many monsters and demons. Besides Jin-Woo’s battle with Baruka in season 2, the narrative will focus on the side characters. According to Sota Furuhashi, the next season will adapt characters from Solo Leveling Arsie to leave a massive impact on the whole fanbase.  

In the Solo Leveling season 2 trailer, we, too, unveil Jin-Woo’s shadow army’s fierce showdown with Baruka’s army. On the other hand, Sung Jin-Woo will embark on his journey toward Jeju Island, unraveling mysteries about the Jeju Island Raid.  

Further, in the teaser trailer, fans witness Jin-Woo’s clash against Vulcan. Moreover, the season 2 trailer showcases Sung’s large shadow army, including Igris, Kamish, Tusk, Jima, Tank, and Kaisel.  The Solo Leveling season 2 trailer ends with the motto, “This’ll be Your First Job, Go.” While the cast and staff remain the same, the upcoming zenith will emphasize Cha-Hae-In’s character development!! 

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date and Time!! 

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date

While fans share their comments with vitality on the internet, the official announcement regarding the release date still haunts many Manhwa fans. Though the Solo Leveling season 2 trailer increased the hype throughout the fanbase. The release date was expected in the Solo Leveling discussion panel. Season 2 was confirmed on 30th March 2024 and will likely premiere in the last quarter of the year (October, November, December). However, fanfare speculations say that Solo Leveling season 2 is all set to debut in early 2025!! Until you wait for Jin-Woo’s prime, watch Solo Leveling on Crunchyroll!! 


This year is like a ballroom for every anime enthusiast. With many anime in the queue to release this year, the Solo Leveling trailer increases the anticipation, which puts the whole series in a different league. However, get ready for Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Cour 3 Trailer and Release Date, which will be released on 7th July 2024!! Till then, check out the theory about “Yuji Itadori’s destiny after the bloodthirsty showdown between Yuta and Sukuna”!! 


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