JJK Characters: Will The Epic Clash Between Yuta And Sukuna Change Itadori Yuji’s Fate? [Spoilers Ahead] 

JJK Characters

Jujutsu Kaisen, the most favorite Shonen Anime, is currently toying with its fanbase. Fans got some relief after unveiling JJK 263 spoilers (Gege really needs to explain something!!). Besides the destructive plot and world-building, JJK characters are captivating people worldwide with their enigmatic personalities and heavenly power buffs!!  

Moreover, JJK characters fighting simultaneously against Sukuna is the worst thing I have experienced in my watch history. To be more precise, the final battle should be a rumble between all sorcerers and Sukuna. With new leaks and raw scans, more questions dwell in our minds.  

So, for today, we are going to talk about one of the JJK characters who is experiencing (Attack on Titan) vibes from many chapters!!  

Is Yuji Itadori Still the Protagonist of JJK? 

JJK Characters: Yuji Itadori

Well! Without a doubt, he is the main character of the series, but some major events may change the whole perception of him as such!! As we all know, Yuji ate one of Sukuna’s fingers, which likely made him a vessel with immense power. Though Sukuna saved Yuji’s soul many times, it’s hard to see him as a proper main character. Meanwhile, the sequel Jujutsu Kaisen 0 unveils that Yuta Okkotsu is the main protagonist of the series.  

Furthermore, in previous chapters, Itadori’s character development showcases his role as a main character, but due to significant fights between Yuta and Sukuna, his presence in the series confuses the fanbase to the core. Likewise, fanfare also objects to his role as a main character, which gradually diminishes with time. In season 2, it’s clearly shown that Gojo became the main attraction of the series, with the first phase focusing on his youth and the second phase of the arc focusing on his grudges with Geto!! 

Is this Yuji Itadori’s redemption arc? Will he prove his worth against the King of Curses? Was Itadori Yuji a mere tool to acquire Megumi? There are so many questions, but who knows what will happen in the upcoming chapters?! As for now, all we can hope is that Gege doesn’t mess up the narrative more!! 

Will The Yuta vs. Sukuna Showdown Have a Grave Impact on Itadori Yuji’s Destiny? 

JJK Characters: Yuta Okkotsu

Let’s revisit the topic that can cause chaos among the fanbase worldwide. Analyzing the previous and current chapters will surely break Itadori into pieces. In chapter 260, we can see Itadori’s reaction when Sukuna appreciates Yuta for his latent abilities. Likewise, in chapter 259, Choso is obliterated by Sukuna, ending Itadori’s will to fight. Moreover, he lost his precious sensei in a voracious fight against Sukuna.  

Among JJK characters, Itadori is ill-fated; till now, he has lost everyone he loves. (This is just a speculation for the upcoming chapters). The ongoing battle between Yuta and Sukuna takes a sudden turn as Inukami appears out of nowhere and saves his friend. However, this fight may end poorly for Itadori. As depicted in the meeting where, Yuta denies Gojo’s plan to take his body as a weapon, but later, he uses it as there is no other choice. Certainly! This plan was never told to Itadori. Moreover, seeing his sensei as a tool could end badly for the Jujutsu Sorcerers.  

Though Itadori is the main character of the series, all the events have already frustrated him to an extent. Further, the worst scenario happens in the epic clash. It is possible that Itadori may withdraw from the fight or change sides and fight alongside his uncle to eradicate the Jujutsu Society, which turned his half-sliced sensei into a weapon.  


What do you think will happen to Itadori in the aftermath? However, Gege knows how to irritate the whole fanbase with a single panel. Moreover, who’s your favorite of the JJK characters? Until you wait for JJK Chapter 263, read previous chapters on VIZ Media


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