Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Got The Fans Rolling On Their Knees!! 

Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary

Tokyo Ghoul, the most visually stunning and gripping tale about a man-eating ghoul in modern-day Japan, is back with its project. After long anticipation, the official account reveals that Tokyo Ghoul 10th anniversary will be an exhibition that will include a live discussion and meeting with the legendary Sui Ishida. 

However, the Exhibition will be covered in two phases later this year! While some fans are in a frenzy for the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul 10th anniversary, others rage at the staff for not releasing a new season! Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of sadistic ghouls!! 

Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Tickets, Venues, and More Information!! 

According to official announcements, the Tokyo Ghoul 10th anniversary exhibition will premiere from 21st October to 1st December 2024 (10:00 AM—20:30) at Terada Warehouse G-1 Building, Shinagawa, Tokyo. 

Meanwhile, the anniversary’s second phase will continue attracting fans worldwide from 14th December to 29th December 2024 at Gran Green, Osaka!! Mentioned below is the information regarding tickets and merchandise for the Tokyo event!!  

  • Admission Tickets 
  • Made-to-order goods tickets are priced at a whopping 12,000 yen and will start from 6th July (10:00 AM) to 4th August (23:59) 2024. Moreover, this ticket includes a complete pin set with original illustrations (Tokyo Ghoul Ex) 

(However, the illustrations will soon be announced by Sui Ishida!!) 

  • Limited-Edition Merchandise: The sales period starts from 6th July till the event date. You can acquire these tickets in advance at 5,800 yen. However, if you buy limited-edition merchandise at the venue, it will raise to 6,000 Yen. In this ticket, you will be delighted with an acrylic diorama of the key visuals of Tokyo Ghoul’s 10th anniversary.  

Eventually!! Ishida has decided to present original illustrations on a first-come-first-served basis. However, these illustrations will be announced by staff and the official account. Sui Ishida has confirmed four key visuals, which include Kamishiro Rize, Kirishima Ayato, Uta, and awakened Kaneki Ken. For more queries regarding Tickets and events, visit the Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Exposition!! 

What is the Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Exhibition All About? 

Tokyo Ghoul Ex, featuring Rize, Kirishima, and Kaneki Ken as its key visuals, welcomes you to the beautiful yet sad world of Tokyo Ghoul. At this event, you can explore the Ghouls and their way of life through 3D exhibits.  

In addition, the Japanese dark fantasy adaptation will provide an Interactive session with Ishida and immersive videos about Tokyo Ghoul. Attendees will be thrilled by the bonus tickets, which allow them to exchange their merchandise for a bonus item at the venue itself!  


Tokyo Ghoul, an iconic series, is primed to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a phenomenal exhibition in the future. Meanwhile, fanfare eagerly awaits, and the hype continues to build as the date approaches!! Until you wait for the commencement of the ticket sales period, check out the details about the “Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc Movie Trilogy.” 


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