One Piece Chapter 1120 Release Date, Time And What More To Expect!! 

One Piece Chapter 1120

One Piece Chapter 1120 is on the move, as the previous chapter ended on a massive cliffhanger!! Fans are concerned about Oda’s health, but the hype doesn’t stop for the upcoming climax. After a long Oda series break, the manga is back on track with the biggest mystery in the Japanese Fictional Industry!!  

However, fanfare worldwide flocks all over the internet and shares their notions regarding One Piece chapter 1120. Furthermore, we can witness Joyboy’s enigma through the Ancient Robot!! While you wait for the peak, here are the release date, time, and speculations regarding One Piece chapter 1120. 

One Piece Chapter 1120 Release Date, Time, and More!! 

One Piece CChapter 1120 Release Date

The eagerly anticipated chapter is scheduled to be released on 15th July 2024. Additionally, here’s the list of different timelines. 

  • PT: On Sunday, 14th July 2024, at 8:00 AM 
  • ET: On Sunday, 14th July 2024, at 11:00 AM 
  • CET: On Sunday, 14th July 2024, at 10:00 AM 
  • IST: On Sunday, 14th July 2024, at 8:30 PM 
  • JST: On Monday, 15th July 2024, at 12:00 AM 
  • ACST: On Monday, 15th July 2024, at 1:30 AM 
  • GMT: On Sunday, 14th July 2024, at 3:00 PM 

Certainly! You can read One Piece chapter 1120 on VIZ Media and Sueisha Manga Plus. Though some material is free to read, you need a subscription to access all the related content. 

Previously in One Piece Chapter 1119 

One Piece chapter 1119

Like previous chapters, One Piece Chapter 1119 also remains short due to some leading causes. Whether it’s Oda’s health or his mindset to drop some explosions in the future!! The previous chapter increased the hype and anticipation for 1120. 

Eventually, in the last chapter, we witnessed Bonney’s prime due to Luffy’s influence (Damn, this theory will break the internet). Following up, we unveil Saint Marcus Mars against Luffy and Bonney. However, he claims that the Nika transformation is fake and continues to show his strength against our leads. Experiencing Saturn and Warcury’s wrath, Luffy tells Sanji, Franky and Bonney to attack Mars together, which would send Mars away.  

On the other hand, Vega-Punk continues with his broadcast as soon as the Den-Den Mushi wakes up. While Warcury targets the Elbaf ship, Vega-Punk shocks everyone by sharing the secret behind the “Will of D”. In the last phase of the chapter, viewers unveil a flashback of Joyboy in Ancient Robot, where he called him “Emeth.” 

One Piece Chapter 1120 Speculations

One Piece Chapter 1120 is going to be a wondrous marvel due to intrigue plot and character development throughout the Egghead Arc. According to my speculations, Ancient Robot will send Warcury flying through his second punch, and the flashback events may take a turn to the incident that happened in Marijoa. On the contrary, we may unravel more mysteries about Joyboy and the war between the 20 kingdoms. 

Meanwhile, the heated battle between Zoro and Nusjuro continues on the island, and there is a chance that Nusjuro may reveal the past regarding Shodai Kitetsu.  

Some speculations point out that the Will of D is the will of the devil’s fruit!! Furthermore, Luffy and the Ancient Robot may team up to wipe out the Gorosei. The last chapter, One Piece Chapter 1120, can focus on the escape plan of Straw Hats!! Also check out this staggering theory by fireofdie about green gear on reddit!!


Who knows what will happen soon when the creator is Eiichiro Oda? All you can do is rest till the bomb drops and kills everyone with a fantastic narrative!! Until you wait for One Piece Chapter 1120, check out the details on the upcoming “Failure Frame” anime. 


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