JJK 263 Spoilers: Sukuna Is Scared Of Gojo’s Hollow Purple

JJK 263 spoilers

After a long wait of around 28 days, the JJK 263 spoilers are official here. According to a popular X account, Myamura, it has been suggested that the latest chapter will be called JJK 262 Part 2. It is around 13 pages long. The first-page illustration of the chapter shows Yuta’s body in Rika’s arms. JJK Chapter 263 starts with an action-packed theme, continuing the fight between Yuta and Sukuna. Moving forward in the article, we will talk about the latest JJK manga chapter in detail.

JJK 263 Spoilers: The absence of Six Eyes is bliss for Sukuna

jjk 263 SPOILERS

The JJK 263 spoilers start with Yuta being unable to use the cursed technique apart from Gojo’s limitless. He figures out that Sukuna is avoiding using world cutting slash. Additionally, he comes to the conclusion that the King of Curses is unable to outclass limitless and has no other option than to use amplification. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Yuta lifts and throws Sukuna by kicking him hard, followed by a punch to the demon’s head. Even after all this, Yuta is finding it difficult to adjust to Gojo’s body due to the length of his sensei’s legs and arms.

Finally, Yuta discovers that he cannot use Gojo’s limitless at its best and says that now he knows the importance of six eyes in the situation. Yuta dives into a flashback where we see Gojo saying, ‘It’s okay, I am the Strongest’, and he thinks about how confident Gojo was in saying that. Sukuna sees Yuta and understands that he is having a hard time using Gojo’s CT. The King of Curses then asks Yuta if the latter really has time for this and throws a hard punch right after.

Meanwhile, Kenjaku has already informed Sukuna about the copy cursed technique of Yuta. According to him, the requirement for a successful copy is most likely Rika devouring a body (or maybe a body part). However, Sukuna is doubtful as if Yuta will be able to use the CT he copied before. As of now, Yuta can only use limitless as a CT.

Sukuna’s Fear of Hollow Purple

jjk CHAPTER 263  spoilers

Sukuna then starts thinking about how long Yuta’s cursed technique could last in front of him. His thoughts are followed by another question – if Kenjaku’s CT ends, will Yuta still possess Gojo’s body as a vessel? And what if Yuta hasn’t even considered the consequences of the battle? Sukuna finally starts to understand Yuta’s plan as he remembers Gojo’s hollow purple.

Next, we see a small flashback in which, after finishing swap training, Gojo mocks Yuta by saying his CE is too inconsistent. Maki and others interrupt Gojo Sensei and say that he is a bit harsher on Yuta.

After that Yuta begins to chant for Hollow Purple but is restricted by Sukuna as he grabs Yuta’s arms, undo the signs, and punches him hard. Sukuna then decides that he will not let Yuta use Hollow Purple. Yuta then immediately uses Blue and a recorder files near the King of Curses in which Inumaki screams ‘Don’t Move.’

Sukuna is taken by shock as Yuta finishes the chants and kicks off Hollow Purple, which is ready to fire on Sukuna at any given moment. And the JJK 263 Spoilers end here on a cliffhanger.



Wrapping up

Most probably JJK 264 will deal with everything that is going to happen after the use of Hollow Purple against Sukuna. It will be interesting to see how Sukuna is going to deal with Yuta’s next move. As of now, there is no update regarding the launch of the next chapter. Nonetheless, we will update you as and when there is any latest information regarding the same. Until then, enjoy reading our work on Blue Lock characters and their possible real-life rivals.


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