Tower of God Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Expectations

Tower of God Season 2

Another phenomenal anime bounce in this exceptional year!! Tower of God Season 2, the highly anticipated anime from a long time, has returned with Bam’s legacy!! Moreover, Fanfare will finally receive a final date along with some news for the Tower of God Season 2 at Crunchyroll’s Anime Expo 2024. 

According to the initial announcement, Tower of God Season 2 does not concern fans with a slight delay. Though there are many trailers regarding the second season. The recent trailer highlights the twenty-fifth Bam and Rachel!! It’s been four years since fans have witnessed Bam and Rachel, and due to the official announcement, the whole fan base slammed down the internet with sentimental comments!! 

Without further ado, let’s delve into the universe of the Tower of God to witness Twenty-fifth Bam and Rachel’s epic lore!! 

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date, Time, and More

As per the statements, Tower of God Season 2 has an initial date in August 2022. So, Fans may get a big relief as Tower of God will premiere in July 2024 without delay!! Moreover, S.I.U, the creator of the series, expressed gratitude toward fans, team, and staff for the high anticipation and hype created all over the internet. 

However, it’s a big reward for anime watchers worldwide as Tower of God Season 2 will get an exclusive premiere at Crunchyroll Anime Expo 2024 on 6th July. The screening will include the 1st and 2nd episodes of the upcoming peak and is all set to release in the Diamond Ballroom of JW Marriott at 17:45 PM (PT). Also, get a sneak peek at the astounding trailer released a few hours ago.  However, it’s still not confirmed when Season 2 will commence on Crunchyroll.  

What to Expect from Tower of God Season 2!! 

As we all know, the official date has not yet been revealed and fans eagerly await the enthralling screening on July 6th. So far, we have witnessed Bam and Rachel in a voracious adventure to conquer the Tower. How can anyone forget the ending of season 1 which left us on a huge cliffhanger with Rachel’s betrayal to Bam?

Season 2 will delve into the Return of Prince Arc and Workshop Battle Arc. Moreover, we will witness the twenty-fifth Bam and Rachel into action along with Ju Violet Grace’s past and motive and Ja Wangnan as the new protagonist in the series.  

Tower of God Season 2 Staff and Cast 

Certainly!! The zenith of the voice cast will reunite behind the scenes to deliver fans an exceptional performance. There may be some voice cast changes but the staff remains the same with some unique and incredible workers. S.I.U will work with Satoshi Suzuki, the director for season 2. In addition, Miho Tanino, Seigo Kitazawa, and Noriaki Kashima will work on character design!! 

While Taichi Ishikawa returns as the voice of Bam, he will also voice Ju Voilet Grace in season 2. Whereas Saori Hayami and Yumma Uchida will voice Rachel and Sei Ohno respectively!! 


Tower of God is the only Korean Manhwa that has splashed over and attracted many international viewers. Moreover, with such high anticipation, fans flock all over the internet as they wait for the premiere at Anime Expo 24. Finally, fans can witness Bam’s adventure and the secret behind Rachel’s betrayal!  

While you wait for season 2 read our article on Bleach’s Strongest Captains!! Also, watch Tower of God Season 1 on Crunchyroll if you still have not witnessed the astonishing saga of conquering the tower!! 


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