Kaiju No. 8 Season 1 Recap: Humanity’s Last Stand Against Titans

Kaiju No. 8 Season 1 Recap

Kaiju No. 8 is a phenomenal Shonen Manga illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. Kaiju No. 8 Season 1 premiered today and it’s the first time that an anime got a screenplay on social media platform along with Crunchyroll. The series has skyrocketed in the list of Shonen Jump. Moreover, this incredible series allures fans worldwide for its intriguing lore about Kaijus and dynamic overview on how Japan Defense Force exterminates this life-threatening event.

Kaiju No. 8 Season 1 Recap 

Kaiju No. 8 Season 1

Though we have seen many Kaijus and Monsters in old 90’s anime. This franchise promises an exhilarating ride for all anime enthusiasts in a world full of dangerous titans with hyper blooming animations. However, this epic narrative follows 32-year-old Kafka Hibino who goes from a mere cleaner to a half damn kaiju. Eventually we will unveil several character developments along with jaw dropping battles.  

Let’s gear up to save humanity from these colossal monsters along with our Half-Kaiju protagonist!! 

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 1 Recap 

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 1

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 1 commences with a pernicious attack by a gigantic Kaiju in Kanagawa Prefecture of Yokohama City. Isn’t it intriguing! A world full of colossal titans strolling around the country to eradicate the human race. Moreover, the stunning work from Production I.G is pure bliss for fans worldwide.  

Following up in Episode 1, the giant Kaiju wreaks Havoc all around the city. Soon after, the Japan Defense Force came up in the limelight, wiping out its whole existence. As everyone seeks safety measures, the Military Force confirms the incident as a mild threat.  

Such an adrenaline-fueled start!! Punches right on the face with the extent of energy. Finally, our main character, Kafka Hibino, makes a debut. After seeing such a mess, Kafka ensures overtime work with his colleagues. In contrast, our 32-year-old protagonist seems to clean out the area. The third division, along with their captain, gets a heck of a standing ovation from every citizen present there.  

During the clean-up, one of the cleaners gets severely hurt and goes to the hospital. However, the party goes back to complete their remaining work, and Kafka, with an awful sight, curses the organization for giving them a strict deadline. Oh Boy!! Seems like the author doesn’t like to see Kafka much of the main character, and so on. The manager changes his position to the Intestine area. 

Kafka’s Tenacity leaves fans on the edge of their seats

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 1

My Goodness, this is more dangerous than a breach of Kaiju. However, Kafka completes his job somehow and later relives from a hectic day. Following up in the episode, we witness Kafka revisiting his past life, where he aspires to become a part of the Japan Defense Force.  

The episode builds up on good terms, showcasing hidden desires and one’s dream to help others. Later in the Episode, Kafka meets his new partner, Reno Ichikawa. Who recently joined Monster Sweeper Inc. The introduction goes hardcore and strikes straight at Kafka’s heart. Seeing Ichikawa’s determination to join the Japan Defense Force, Kafka somehow regains his old self. Whatsoever our lads again go to the intestine area for an intense clean-up. Witnessing a miserable life and a golden opportunity in the Japanese Defense Force reignites Kafka’s determination. During that fierce environment, a kaiju ambushes straight at them. 

Moreover, they find themselves in a desperate situation. Out of the blue, Mina Ashiro, captain of the third division and childhood best friend of Kafka, saves them from the Kaiju. Kafka, along with Ichikawa, gets admitted to the South Yokohama General Hospital. As they recall the life-threatening accident, Kafka encounters a small and (cute) Kaiju in front of him.  

As soon as Kafka raises his voice to alert Ichikawa, the Kaiju enters Kafka’s Body, making him a half-kaiju. The scene is full of hilarity and makes me laugh my guts out. However, Kafka gets his new look, and it’s awesome. In the ending scenes, we witness Mina recalling her past, and all of a sudden, she heads out to wipe out a colossal titan. The first episode is an absolute standout. High chances are that the next episode of the anime is going to a high-voltage offering. Until you wait for the same, have a look at Ninja Kamui Season 1 Recap.

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 2 Recap  

Kaiju No8 Episode 2 Recap

Kaiju No. 8 episode 2 kicks off where the previous one concluded. In the last episode, Kafka saves his colleague Ishikawa by distracting the kaiju and urging him to call the Japan Defense Force. However, they end up at the general hospital in Yokohama City, where Kafka dreams of becoming a part of Japan’s Defense Force. Episode 2 begins with a precious memory of Hibino, in which he promises Ashiro to join the Japan Defense Force and save humanity from overwhelming Titans.  

However, our 32-year-old protagonist’s fate changes as he confirms that he will leave Monster Sweeper Inc. to join the Japan Defense Force. The man who dreams to save humanity from monsters turns into a damn Kaiju!! (I guess Kafka’s one of those main character whose lousy luck is more significant than their powers) 

On the other hand, Ashiro gathers up with her team and prepares to eradicate the kaiju in Yokohama city. Meanwhile, Kafka, after turning into a Kaiju, flees away with Ishikawa after scaring the soul out of an old geezer. Ashiro and her team confirmed the status of the Kaiju, and it’s none other than Kafka. My goodness!! How can our lads even relax in this critical situation? This episode is a therapy filled with hilariousness and absurdity (even I was stunned after seeing Kafka desperately trying to take nature’s call and running with a pink background). Even he’s shocked by witnessing his powers and the way he can eat birds.  

Kafka’s Valiant Act 

Kaiju No 8 Episode 2 Recap

Suddenly, Kafka notices a giant kaiju approaching Yokohama City but escapes the area with Ishikawa to hide from the Division Three team. Meanwhile, Ashiro commands her unit to change course towards the Kaiju approaching the city. Following up, the scene gives a lot of AOT vibes when a child tries to save her mother from the Kaiju as the Kaiju approaches the child. Our half, Kaiju Hibino, rushes and lands a powerful punch. Later, Ishikawa saves the child along with her mother and flees away from the area.   

Moreover, Kafka eradicates the Kaiju with a single punch and claims the title of One Punch Man. However, that powerful punch leads to bloodshed all over the area. Soon after that incident, Ashiro arrives at the impact area with her team. It is just amazing how their jaws drop when they see the blood and organs of the Kaiju everywhere.  

In episode 2, we unveil the code name Kaiju No 8, declared by the Japan Defense Force for Kafka. However, Ishikawa returns to his daily life in Monster Sweeper Inc., where he discovers the news regarding the half Kaiju. While leaving for work, Ishikawa receives mail from the manager. Everyone at Sweeper Inc. gets depressed knowing the outcome of Kafka’s result. 

Kafka’s Revelation 

Kaiju No 8 Episode 2 Recap

However, Ishikawa and Kafka passed the examination for the Japan Defense Force. Ishikawa rushes toward the site and informs Kafka of his result. Though this news sparks their dream, Ishikawa is stunned by seeing Kafka using his powers at a lunch break. After all, Kafka passes the examination on his last try. Meanwhile, Ishikawa piles up his questions regarding the second examination. Kafka finally realizes his dream is not so far and gets pumped up for further action.  

Kafka and Ishikawa finally arrive at Tachikawa Base for the second examination. Moreover, they meet a rude brat, Kikoru Shinomiya, who calls Kafka old and throws his company’s old rusty car using a particular suit. All of a sudden, Kikoru tells Kafka that he reeks of a Kaiju. On the other hand, Ishikawa gets thunderstruck when he learns her surname. Episode 2 concluded with an impressive build-up and hilarity. Moreover, Kafka’s journey as a half-kaiju continues, which allures fans worldwide.  

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 3 Recap

Kaiju No. 8 commences from where we left off. Kafka, along with Ishikawa, confronts a braggy Examinee, Kikoru Shinomiya. As Shinomiya suspects Kafka due to his kaiju odor. Ishikawa jumps in and distracts her, which allows Kafka to leave the scene and park his car in a new spot.

 However, our old man acts more like a child, showing off his powers to Shinomiya. Which drastically affects her attitude. While giving her an epic introduction, Shinomiya’s butler parks her car at Kafka’s parking lot, leaving him disappointed (Man!! This classic comedy is out of limits). Seeing his willpower, Kikoru gets ready for the examination and leaves the lot. In contrast, Ishikawa goes full throttle and scolds the soul out of Kafka for using his kaiju powers. 

While the chaotic duo enters the examination hall, Reno warns Kafka about using his kaiju powers. The scene flips, and we witness Kafka struggling with physical tests. However, both clear the first stage and gear up for the hurdle ahead. During the fitness test, Kafka blames his age for not improving a bit in any of the tests, which leaves him out in the cold. 

The hilarity bursts as soon as the results appear. Shinomiya shows her presence out of nowhere in front of Kafka. Well!! A tremendous difference between their grades shows Kafka’s embarrassment. On the other hand, the scout reveals his picks in front of Mina.

The World Full of Talent

Episode 3 unveils many characters, and the plot development at a fast pace is incredible. The hope lights up again in Kafka’s mind as soon as he hears that corpse disposal is the second phase of the examination. There are many special candidates from all over the world, including our 16-year-old prodigy, Kikoru. Kafka’s in a mode of (never back down!!). 

Following up, we witnessed the third division vice-captain, Hoshina, overseeing the scouting of perfect candidates. But as we all know, Kafka’s luck. Hoshino tells the candidates to neutralize the kaiju, which leaves Hibino and Ishikawa blank. Moreover, Hoshino commands the candidates to wear their special tech suits, which blend and adjust according to the body type.

Meanwhile, Hoshina declares the power excreted by everyone from the suit. It feels like the author doesn’t want Kafka to walk on a smooth path and gives him a bag full of embarrassment. Everyone feels tense when hearing Kikoru’s power percentage. Hoshina bursts out loud, seeing Kafka with 0% power. 

Personality always prevails!! This scene is one of the most hilarious and ridiculous moments I have ever seen. Damn!! Kafka squeezing out his powers and blaming his age is just epic!! Finally, after all this mess, it’s time for Kafka to shine and show his calibre to everyone. The final test commences, and Hoshino explains the test to everyone. 

Moreover, the test includes Honju and 36 Yoju, which the candidates need to exterminate. However, if any of the candidates seem to be in danger, they are directly disqualified from the test. However, the rules put Kafka under a lot of pressure. He maintains his calm and goes with all his might.\

Kafka’s Last Shot

The test begins, and Kikoru goes full throttle, killing Kaiju, whereas Kafka struggles to carry the heavy armour. Out of the blue, Hoshina states that Mina is also watching the test, which sparks Kafka’s ambitious mind. Understanding and examining the battlefield is one of the crucial parts for a soldier.

Kafka and Ishikawa run to help everyone as a support. Kafka’s idea succeeded as he knows Kaiju’s strengths and weaknesses by working in a corpse disposal company. His luck is far worse than mine!! A kaiju grapples Kafka and throws him. Knowing that he can’t continue, Hoshina will disqualify him from the test. Kikoru saves Kafka and starts with her braggy attitude. 

Moreover, Kafka cannot play his role as a support because of his broken leg. According to Hoshina’s evaluation, Kafka is more likely a dead man with multiple fractures and organ failures. Hearing this from Hoshina, Kafka’s pessimistic side begins to show up.

But due to his promise, Kafka decides to go full throttle after all he has suffered in the past. Episode 3 concludes with an enthralling plot development and the fierce perseverance of Kafka Hibino. Fans are left dumbfounded by Kafka’s conviction, and the journey continues!!

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