Sakamoto Days Anime Is Coming In January 2025 [Updated]

Sakamoto Days poster

Netflix is on a spree to release the best anime shows in recent times. Some of the best examples of this are Baki Hanma, Tekken Bloodline, and Baki Hanma vs Kengan Ashura. Now, the franchise has reportedly acquired the rights to another popular Shonen Jump manga series, Sakamoto Days. It has been officially confirmed by Netflix Vice President Josh Simon in License Global’s May 2024 issue officials that Sakamoto Days anime will make a debut on the platform in 2024. 

The report suggests that Netflix is going to drop a plethora of projects in 2024 as well as in 2025. Some of the large-scale projects in the pipeline are Bridgerton Season 3, Squid Game Season 2, Stranger Things Season 5, One Piece Season 2(Live Action). moving forward in the article, we will discuss about the details regarding the upcoming show that are available on the internet.

Sakamoto Days Anime teaser trailer reveals release window

Sakamoto Days release window

The teaser trailer of Sakamoto Days was released an hour ago. According to the trailer, the anime will debut in January 2025. This update quashes all the rumours of Sakamoto Days Anime releasing in 2024. 

Apart from that, the teaser looks super promising. It shows us both versions of Tara Sakamoto, our protagonist – the one who is slim, smart, and wreaks havoc, along with the one who makes obesity his friend, has a family to look after, etc. 

As of now, it is impossible to say anything with certainty about the anime. However, by the looks of the teaser, we will possibly get to see the story of an assassin and how life changes for him once he has a family and doesn’t look like an assassin anymore. 

Sakamoto Days Manga Summary

Without any spoilers, here I’ll give you the gist of the story as described by Shonen Jump. Sakamoto Days revolves around Tara Sakamoto, a former assassin who can induce fear in villains in no time and is loved by the hitmen community. 

However, when he fell in love, he first left the job behind and started a family to enjoy bonds and fatherhood. He lost his essence, fattened up like a pig, and started running a neighborhood store. But things were not supposed to go seamlessly as his past starts to haunt his present. 

His life takes a wild turn when he gets a visitor from the past who offers him two choices – make a return to where he belongs or die. Now, his only goal is to protect the family he created alone while keeping his identity in the shadows.

What else do you need to know about Sakamoto Days Anime?

Sakamoto Days Anime

The Sakamoto Days Manga has already made its place among the 10 best-selling manga series of the decade. Until now, there has been no official confirmation of the production studio and staff of the anime. One thing we already know is that the anime is going to be one of the most successful offerings from Netflix. The anime will most probably have a fun-injected theme topped with stupefyingly choreographed fight sequences.

Wrapping up

Only a limited amount of information regarding Sakamoto Days anime is available on the internet. We will likely get to know more about the same as soon as the anime gets staff and the production studio. Don’t forget to check out the article regularly, as we will keep updating it with the latest information related to Sakamoto Days anime. Until then, if you have watched Ninja Kamui and are intrigued with the gears used by the characters, have a look at our piece explaining Ninja Kamui Gusoku Gears.

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