One Piece 1120 Spoilers: Atlas’s Appearance May Become A Good Fortune For The Straw Hats!! 

One Piece 1120 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1120 will be released soon, and fans are buzzing with excitement as One Piece 1120 spoilers break the ice with a perplexing entry!! Though fans are unhappy with the sudden hiatus, Oda confirms that there will be no series break for the upcoming chapters and accordingly drops the schedule for the same.  

Meanwhile, we will delve into the concluding phase of Egghead Arc with the escape plan of Mugiwara. On the other hand, Eiichiro Oda confirms Zoro as a Deuteragonist for the series. Without further ado, let’s unravel the mysteries behind the adventures of Joyboy and Emeth!! 

One Piece 1120 Spoilers Unveils Vega-Punk’s Flashbacks!!  

After a bombastic build-up, the upcoming peak is all set to dumbfound the entire fanbase with its intrigue and baffling plot!! According to the previous chapter, Bonney rests her exhaustion, and Luffy deals with the remaining Elders with Emeth.  

Vega-Punk continues with his final message for the world. Meanwhile, the One Piece 1120 spoilers start with a cover story unveiling the Wano Country, where Denjirou catches the kid who threw rocks at Yamato!!  

On the other hand, the issue story begins with a flashback to Punk Hazard. We unveil Professor Clover with Vega-punk, discussing the bizarre “D.” Additionally, Professor Clover reveals that he also bears the D in his name. Even though their discussion is not shown briefly in the spoilers, presumably, their discussion about “D” highlights the connection of D Clan with the Void Century!! 

One Piece 1120 Spoilers Sees Atlas Intercepting One of the Elders!! 

One Piece 1120 Spoilers Atlas and Nusjuro

Returning to the present, we witness Atlas’s heroic entry, which may become the golden chance for the Straw Hats to escape. Though Atlas is facing the mighty Nusjuro, who can kill her in seconds, it seems shocking to every fan out there!!  

Moving forward, we witness Atlas confronting Nusjuro to let the Straw Hats escape (Meanwhile, Zoro and Jimbe are grinding their Haki and abilities to stop the Shodai Kitetsu). Certainly! Atlas will buy some time to let Sunny escape the Egghead Island. On the other hand, chaos flares up as the other Elders attack Emeth to stop the Broadcast. While Vega-Punk goes on revealing the secret behind the Will of “D,” the remaining Elders break Emeth’s arm.  

Eventually, Emeth says, “The Time Is Right, So He Will Use That”, Though it’s not revealed what Emeth is saying in the One Piece 1120 spoilers. Speculations say this statement points to JoyBoy of the Present, which is Monkey.D.Luffy!! 

One Piece 1120 Spoilers Unveils more about Roger’s Crew!! 

One Piece 1120 Spoilers: Roger's secret

In the end phase of the spoilers, Vega-Punk reveals more about Roger and his crew while Emeth gives his all to protect Vega-Punk! Likewise, Vega-Punk divulges that Roger and his crew were the only ones who knew about the true history of the world!!  

Eventually, people worldwide will be surprised to learn about the “D” initial in Roger’s name. Furthermore, speculations say that Shanks may have plotted this well as he already knew the true history behind the world!! 


Fans eagerly await the upcoming climax as One Piece Chapter 1120 releases on 14 July 2024. Moreover, fans burst out of excitement as Oda confirms no series break for the further schedule. In addition, One Piece will be featured on the Cover of Shonen Jump, and Chapter 1121 will get a colour spread due to the series’ 27th Anniversary!! Till you wait for 1120, check out Kimi no Todoke Season 3 details!! 


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