Strongest Demon Slayer Breathing Techniques, Ranked!!

Demon Slayer Breathing Techniques

Demon Slayer, the generation’s most graceful shounen anime, has everything a fan would expect!! Though the series is based on the Demon Slayer Corps fighting Demons amidst dark alleys, their breathing techniques are the leading source that enhances their voracious fights. 

Certainly, Breathing Techniques in Demon Slayer are not just physical powers or aura of any Demon Slayer Corp. They also connect inner peace and nature to the core, enhancing control and speed!  

However, each Corp uses breathing techniques known as the “Total Concentration Breathing Technique.” These breathing techniques and refined swordplay add more depth to the Demon Slayer Universe!! 

Without any further ado, let’s dig into the world of Demon Slayer to discover the Strongest Breathing Techniques!!  

Most Robust Demon Slayer Breathing Techniques Ever!!

14. Flower Breathing 

Flower breathing is an alluring Demon Slayer breathing technique that mimics flowers and fruit blossoms. Though the technique is derived from water breathing, its evolution is also involved. As we all know, there are only two users of Flower Breathing: Kanae Kocho and Kanao Tsuyuri. They have depicted the best use of Flower Breathing in the Demon Slayer Universe.  

Flower Breathing allows users to see the world in slow motion and serves deadly attacks on vital parts. However, this technique comes at a significant cost; the active user loses their eyesight in the long term.  

13. Insect Breathing 

Instead, focusing on brute strength and increasing agility-based attacks. Insect Breathing majors in lethal stings and movement of an insect. Shinobu Kocho, the current Hashira, uses insect breathing to exterminate demons. In addition, Shinobu’s sword has a tip that is used to sting demons with Wisteria Poison. Though a vital breathing technique, insect breathing is a derivative of water breathing!!  

Eventually, Insect Breathing consists of precision and insect-like agility, which helps the user conquer any battle!!  

12. Serpent Breathing 

Likewise, Hashira Obanai Iguro honed another deadly breathing technique, mimicking the movement and attacks of a snake. Iguro helps himself by adjusting his body movements according to his breathing skills and abilities. Moreover, Serpent Breathing is also derived from Water Breathing, which makes it light, smooth, fast, and deadly like a predator.  

Serpent Breathing allows the user to attack its prey from any angle, making it easier to strike a blow!! In addition, it helps Iguro strike a demon from a blind spot and recover accordingly!!  

Certainly!! Serpent Breathing is one of the deadliest Breathing techniques out there (maybe because of Obanai!!) 

11. Beast Breathing 

Beast Breathing involves wild and unpredictable moves which are damn hard to analyze. Moreover, Inosuke is the current user of Beast Breathing (what else can be fatal!!). Like other breathings, Beast Breathing mimics the activities of the wild and is derived from Wind Breathing!!  

Besides Inosuke’s breathing technique, he can dislocate his limbs and move his internal organs if required in combat!! Furthermore, his breathing technique becomes a deadly weapon due to primal instincts and brute strength!! 

Beast Breathing requires dual Nichirin Katanas, and Inosuke is the only Demon Slayer Corp who practices Beast Breathing. 

10. Sound Breathing 

Derived from Thunder Breathing and used by Tengen Uzui in the Entertainment District Arc, it still gives goosebumps to the core. Due to Tengen’s flamboyant demeanor, everything seems flashy in Sound Breathing. Sound Breathing focuses on the disorientation of an opponent’s movement due to loudness, which makes it one of the fastest breathing techniques.  

As we witnessed in the Tengen vs. Gyutaro fight, Tengen used his explosive dual Nichirin Katanas to behead Gyutaro, using the swiftness he gained from Sound Breathing.  

Moreover, the user of Sound Breathing gains momentum in the fight by disrupting his opponent’s movement and agility!! 

9. Love Breathing 

It’s the most likable breathing technique in the Demon Slayer universe (Maybe due to Mitsuri). Love Breathing is derived from Flame Breathing and allows the user to gain superhuman strength. Moreover, Love Breathing centers around emotions and helps the user enhance their movement, techniques, and combatant skills!! 

Due to immense strength and inhuman flexibility, Mitsuri killed Hantengu in SwordSmith Village Arc. Mitsuri modified Flame Breathing to obtain Love Breathing.  

8. Thunder Breathing  

It is one of the main breathing techniques in the series due to its emergence from the Sun Breathing itself. As the name suggests, Thunder breathing is swift and has a god-like speed!! The current user, Zenitsu Agamatsu, has honed six forms of Thunder Breathing. He creates his 7th form to kill his former senior Kaigaku in the Infinity Castle Arc.  

Despite all the hesitations and fear, Zenitsu goes full throttle with his Thunder Breathing to save humanity!!  

7. Mist Breathing  

Mist Breathing is a powerful breathing technique used by the youngest Hashira Muichiro Tokito, who is also a descendant of Upper Moon One Kokushibo! 

Mist Breathing mimics the art of Mist and helps the user to confuse the opponent with a thick layer of Mist. However, fans have witnessed Mist Breathing in SwordSmith Village Arc against Gyokko.  

Tokito uses all seven forms of Mist Breathing to kill Gyokko. Furthermore, mist breathing helps the user move quickly like Mist and deliver a swift blow from their Nichirin Katana!! 

6. Wind Breathing  

A derivative of Sun Breathing, Wind Breathing, is used by the current Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa. Wind Breathing consists of 9 forms, from the basic gust of wind to the deadliest gust of wind.  

However, Beast Breathing is derived from Wind Breathing and works on the same mechanics. Fans can witness Sanemi’s might in the upcoming seasons with his purely offensive breathing technique.  

5. Water Breathing  

Owned by Former Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki and current Hashira Giyu Tomioka. Water Breathing is one heck of a breathing technique. Water breathing has variants like flower, insect, and serpent breathing.  

In addition, Water Breathing is a universal breathing technique that helps users bend their bodies and enhance their movement and agility. Water breathing is the primary breathing technique, replicating the movement of flowing water.  

Along with Giyu Tanjiro, Sabito also practiced Water Breathing and he was a potential Water Hashira contender as well.  

4. Flame Breathing  

Kyojuro Rengoku is the most renowned character in the series and a former flame-breathing user. He showcased his skills in the Demon Slayer Movie Mugen Train against Akaza. Flame breathing has nine techniques and six forms. However, the 9th technique is notable for the Rengoku Family itself.  

Originated in the Sengoku Era, flame breathing mimics flames and grants brute strength to the user. Besides, Flame Breathing techniques involve a single decisive strike capable of obliterating any demon (Except Akaza and his donut breathing!!)  

3. Stone Breathing  

Honed and used by Strongest Hashira Gyomei Himejima, Stone Breathing is complex in its own way. However, It is an essential part of five main breathing techniques. Gyomei mastered Stone breathing within two months due to his fierce willpower and sturdy training sessions.  

All in all, Stone Breathing replicates the solidity of earth and stone. Gyomei has mastered all five forms of Stone Breathing. Despite all the latent abilities and skills, Stone Breathing is not powerful without a user like Himejima!! 

2. Moon Breathing 

Certainly!! Moon breathing is the second-most powerful breathing technique. It is an old technique derived in the Sengoku Era by Michikatsu Tsugikuni himself!! The method mimics the shape of a crescent moon along its beam of light. However, Kokushibo created 16 forms of Moon Breathing, making it the most endangered Breathing Technique in the series!!  

Being an offensive breathing technique, Moon Breathing helps the user to strike swift and assertive blows at an opponent. Eventually, Moon Breathing becomes unattainable after its fusion with Blood Demon Art!!  

1. Sun Breathing 

It is the Demon Slayer universe’s most influential and fierce breathing technique. Sun Breathing, also known as Hinokami Kagura, was created by the legendary Demon Slayer Corp Yoriichi Tsugikuni – Demon King Muzan was always scared of him. Its connection to the Kamado Family and the fire god adds to the series. Likewise, Hinokami Kagura is passed down in a hierarchical manner along with a ritual.  

Currently, Tanjiro uses the Hinokami Kagura, which Tanjuro Kamado gave. Each breathing technique has its use and replication. Sun Breathing grants users the opportunity to increase their overall power.  


Demon Slayer is a very versatile anime that includes character development, intriguing plots, and a unique power system. Above is the list of the Strongest Breathing techniques based on their traits and skills. However, which breathing technique suits you the best?  

Also, watch all these breathing techniques in action on Crunchyroll!! 

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