Wind Breaker Season 2 Will Release In 2025; Here’s All We Know

Wind Breaker Season 2

Wind Breaker Season 2 has been officially announced by Crunchyroll to be released in 2025. The last episode of first season will air in a day and we can say that it will end with a banger for sure. According to Crunchyroll, the second season will be available to stream in 200 countries and territories with Aniplex in background. Moreover, Aniplex also shared an announcement video for Wind Breaker Season 2. The anime has topped all the charts and gained a decent amount of following in little to no time.

What is the plot of Wind Breaker?

The plot of Wind Breaker revolves around Haruka Sakura who is new to Bofurin High. Bofurin students are delinquents who changed their ways and now serve as the protectors of their town. Sakura wishes to reach the top position of Bofurin High with his strength and calibre. However, things are not that easy as Bofurin has some of the strongest leaders.

And not only that, Sakura also gets to witness his first fight against Bofurin rival Shishitoren pretty early. And any details beyond that could be a major spoiler so we’ll refrain from it. All in all, if you are someone who has watched Tokyo Revengers or have a liking for anime based on delinquents, then Wind Breaker is something you don’t want to sleep on.

Wind Breaker Episode 13 Expectations: Will It Set The Stage For Wind Breaker Season 2?

In Wind Breaker Episode 13, Haruka Sakura will get face to face with the Four Heavenly Kings of Bofurin High – the top delinquents of the organization. These four work directly under Umemiya (Bofurin Boss). High chances are that the top guns of Bofurin will accept the strength of Sakura and offer him a better position at Bofurin. Furthermore, the episode will play a major part in setting the stage for Wind Breaker Season 2. Well, the wait will be over in a few hours from now. Until then, you can have a look at our article on Record of Ragnarök Season 3 details.


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