Where To Read Blue Lock Manga Online?

Blue Lock manga online

Football is a sport that has garnered a lot of fans all around the globe since the beginning. And its fusion with anime with Blue Lock in play did the same. Blue Lock Season 1 was a hit, and every fan out there is eager to wait for Blue Lock Season 2. While we already have a release timeline for the second season of Blue Lock, there are fans like us who want to know the story beforehand. Well, for your information, Blue Lock manga is in its 265th chapter, and we are soon going to see the next one incoming. If you want to read Blue Lock manga online, then you are in the right place.

Where to read Blue Lock manga online?

Blue lock manga free

There are multiple platforms where you can read the Blue Lock manga online. Regarding legitimate platforms, you can read the Blue Lock manga on Kodansha’s official website. You can also head to the smartphone application of Kodansha to read Blue Lock manga chapters. The best part is that you will get all the volumes of the manga in a single place. However, you should keep in mind that Kodansha is not a free platform, and you need to pay an amount varying from manga to manga and chapter to chapter.

This set up by Kodansha is highly criticized all over the world because Shonen Jump is way better then is comes to subscriptions. Well, it is what it is – If you want to read Blue Lock manga online then you need to at least pay $3.99 per volume. Apart from that, you can also get your hands on the Blue Lock manga on Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, etc.

Where to read Blue Lock manga free?

Read blue Lock manga chapters

Well, the only legitimate platform to read Blue Lock is Kodansha, and you need to pay for the volumes. However, you can get access to the first three chapters for free by signing up for Kodansha. After that, you will be supposed to pay the amount mentioned for each volume. And that is kind of useless if you have already watched Blue Lock Season 1. Now, if you want to know firsthand about the events that will occur in Blue Lock Season 2, then you should definitely read the manga.

Blue Lock Manga: A little about the story

Read blue Lock manga

The Japanese football team is struggling to make a mark in the football World Cup. Citing that, the Japanese Football Association coach Ego Jinpachi came up with the idea of Blue Lock – a facility where they will pit 300 amazing strikers of Japan against each other in order to find the most egoistic player in Japanese football history.

And the survivor of Blue Lock will make his place as a primary striker on the Japan National football team. And all the players who don’t get to the top will be banned from playing for the national team ever again. The project is joined by some amazing egoists like Isagi Yoichi, Meguru Bachira, Seishiro Nagi, Rin Itoshi, and a lot more to name. And they have only one mission – become the best striker Japan has ever witnessed.

Wrapping up

So that’s pretty much it from our side. You can read the Blue Lock manga on the mentioned platforms and get in sync with the story without waiting for the second season. Now, we all know that there are multiple non-legit platforms to read Blue Lock manga free. But we’ll refrain from mentioning those here. And if you are a fan of Blue Lock, have you ever imagined who the real life rivals of Blue Lock players will be? Well, read our detailed article on the same if you want to.


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