Blue Lock Season 2: What The Fans Want To See In The Upcoming Sports Anime!! 

Blue Lock

The latest ace of sports anime and the new-gen’s favorite, Blue Lock, is here. After a sensational finale of Season 1, Blue Lock Season 2 returns with a storm in the animanga industry. As we come close to the release date, the anticipation increases vigorously, understanding the emotional investment fans have in the characters and storyline.  

In addition, Blue Lock season 2 will intensify the matches we all have been waiting for. Likewise, fans expect to see more of Isagi’s development and Ego’s game-changing tactics!! 

As the date comes close, Blue Lock season 2 acts like two faces of a coin!! While some fans are stunned by the visuals and the teasers, others doubt the studio’s contribution, which would likely ruin the U-20 match!!! (If Production I.G. delivered what fans expect, Blue Lock will become the Razzmatazz show in the industry!!) 

Let’s delve into the world of Blue Lock, where cheeky strikers, known for their audacity and unique playing styles, stun everyone with their egos. These characters, each with their own quirks and strengths, are set to take the stage in Season 2, adding a new layer of excitement to the series. 

Blue Lock Season 2: What fans want to see?

Blue Lock has already allured anime enthusiasts with its season 1 and prepares to captivate more with the upcoming peak fiction!! Blue Lock season 2 is all set to release in fall 2024, making this year the most hyped one in the records.  

Though Season 1 ended with an electrifying introduction between Isagi and Shido, fans’ expectations of seeing Isagi’s development were above par!! Likewise, Fanfare’s speculations target Ego’s strategy to improvise the player’s core for the third selection.  

Nevertheless, Kunigami’s return will be the most staggering plot development for the series (You know if you know!). While the face-off with the world champs remains the most epic encounter in the series, fandom eagerly awaits the series’ fifth arc U-20. The U-20 match is a high-stakes competition where the Blue Lock team will showcase their strength against Japan U20. However, the question remains the same: ‘Will Isagi shine against enormous players like Sae and Ryusei?’ 

Following up, the fanbase worldwide expects to unveil more about Sae and Rin’s relationship alongside Ryusei’s past. While our lads gear up for the third selection, fanfare speculation reveals intense Nagi, Isagi, and Rin development in the upcoming peak.  

Blue Lock Season 2 Returns with the Most Intrigue Plot in the Fall Season!! [Spoilers Ahead] 

Blue Lock Season 2

Though fanfare speculations and theories seem attractive, we will discuss the events from season 2, which will carry the legacy of Blue Lock!! As we all know, Blue Lock season 2 will be released in the fall and we can witness Isagi’s analytical gameplay in October 2024.  

While the spin-off intrigues everyone worldwide, we will likely experience many topics from season 2. Following up, fans will witness volumes 12-23 in the second season. Talking about the third selection, the Top 35 players will get a chance to compete against the Japan U20 led by Sae Itoshi. So, there can be slight chances to unveil Rin’s revenge against his brother.  

However, according to Manga, fans will witness Jinpachi Ego’s extraordinary tactics and strategies to provide an astonishing striker to the world. On the other hand, viewers will experience experimental super attack pairs led by Jinpachi Ego for the betterment of the Top six players. 

In the first phase of Season 2, we will likely see Isagi’s chemistry with Rin and Ryusei in the first match against the B team. Moreover, the series will introduce new characters like Yoh Hiori and Nijiro Nanase and phenomenal players like Tabito Karasu and Eita Otoya from the top six. 

Though the studio has yet to confirm the episodes, there is a chance we may experience the international tournament planned by Jinpachi Ego after the U-20 match! 


Ultimately, Blue Lock Season 2 will be the most astonishing anime of 2024 (Well, it depends on how Production I.G. manages the hype!). Though there has yet to be a single official announcement from the studio regarding the length of season 2, it is expected that the upcoming season will cover the third selection along with the first phase of the U-20 arc. However, what’s your opinion on the Bluer Lock Season 2 speculations? 

If you are impatient, you can read Blue Lock Manga from Chapter 96 on Kodansha


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