Wind Breaker Voice Actors And Their Characters, Last One Will Blow Your Mind!! 

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Satoru Nii’s Wind Breaker has skyrocketed through the charts due to its lore and breathtaking action scenes. What makes Wind Breaker more fascinating is their Voice Actors. So, here we are to discuss Wind Breaker Voice Actors who put their efforts into bringing anime characters to life.  

While the Studio works tirelessly to provide dynamic animation and alluring OSTs, it’s the voice actors who are the unsung heroes, playing an essential role in the Japanese Fiction Industry. Their dedication and skill in conveying emotions, hilarity, and personalities of different characters is what resonates with fanfare around the world, leaving us in awe of their talent. 

When it comes to Wind Breaker, the voice actors have done more than just a good job. They’ve breathed life into the characters, leaving every anime enthusiast dumbstruck. Whether it’s the breeziness of Haruka Sakura or the murderous intent of Hayato Suo, the voice actors have added depth and spiciness to the series that is truly captivating. 

Let’s delve into the world of ruthless delinquents who got their voice from remarkable Seiyuu!!

Wind Breaker Voice Actors Who Allured the World with their Sublime Art!! 

8. Shoya Chiba: Akihiko Nirei 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

Wind Breaker has some great voice cast behind the scenes, and Shoya Chiba is one of them!!  Shoya’s versatility shows how perfectly he blends with the personality of any character. In Wind Breaker, Shoya voiced Nirei, who hesitates when in danger but has intel about everyone. Besides Nerei, Shoya has been voice-cast for Ayanokoji from the Classroom of the Elite and Tahomaru from Dororo. 

7. Koki Uchiyama: Kyotaro Sugishita 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

With an extensive profile in the voice acting industry, Uchiyama’s name is written down in the books. Moreover, Uchiyama is known for the charismatic behaviour he adds to a character, and the sudden change in speech sure gives shivers to the roots.  

Uchiyama, a seasoned voice actor, brings his A-game to Wind Breaker as Sugishita. Uchiyama’s portrayal perfectly captures Sugishita’s short temper and sudden shifts in attitude, adding depth to the character. His talent is not limited to Wind Breaker, as he also lends his voice to Shigaraki, a character known for his menacing behavior, in My Hero Academia. 

6. Nobunaga Shimazaki: Hayato Suo 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

If you have Nobunaga Shimazaki in your crew, the anime is goated for a reason. Nobunaga has won the Best Rookie Actor award and is known for his unique traits. In Wind Breaker, Nobunaga is the voice actor for Hayato Suo. It seems like a sadist character suits him the most. 

Likewise, we have witnessed his voice as Yuno from Black Clover, Mahito from JJK, Nagi from Blue Lock, and Rintaro Suna from Haikyu to the Top. Nobunaga’s ability to adapt to character personalities makes him a stupendous voice actor in the industry. 

5. Yumma Uchida: Haruka Sakura 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

What a cast!! Wind Breaker does have some of the best voice actors in the industry. Yumma Uchida is the voice actor for Haruka Sakura, the series’s protagonist. Sakura’s exuberance shows how well Uchida handled his job. Uchida’s work can be witnessed behind Reo’s serious and tactical personality. Moreover, Yumma Uchida will be voice-casting Wangnan Ja for the upcoming Tower of God Season 2.  

4. Umehara Yuuichirou: Togame Jo 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

Personally, I don’t think you need anything else if you have CloverWorks working on your project and a voice lead such as Umehara Yuuichirou behind the scenes. Umehara has quite an impressive career in voice acting and singing. Amongst other Wind Breaker voice actors, Umehara is very skilful regarding stoic and stern personalities.  

Besides Togame Jo, Umehara has also voiced Goblin Slayer, Jugram from Bleach TYBW, and Weather Report from JOJO Stone Ocean Part 3. Moreover, Umehara has been appointed to lead his voice as Joker in the upcoming Isekai Suicide Squad

3. Ryota Suzuki: Toma Hiragi 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

Ryota is a very talented voice actor in the industry. His work is appreciated both in anime and video games. Moreover, his personality suits well with Hiragi, and the way he expresses rage is like the cream of the crop!! On the other hand, Ryota’s most striking roles include Nanami Ryusei from Dr Stone, Yuu Ishigami from Kaguya-Sama Love is War and Chojiro Sasakibe from Bleach.  

Witnessing other performances, we can experience these characters’ versatility and tone change. 

2. Okamoto Nobuhiko: Ren Kaji 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

The list doesn’t stop!! We have another award winner. Okamoto Nobuhiko has also won the Best Rookie Actor award for his staggering roles as Shin Kanzato in Persona. In addition, Nobuhiko is the voice actor for Ren Kaji, the grade captain of the second year in Wind Breaker. His high pitch and tremendous aura make him an outstanding voice actor. 

Likewise, Okamoto has also voiced Nishinoya from Haikyu, Bakugo from My Hero Academia, Shinazugawa Genya from Demon Slayer and Okomura Rin from Blue Exorcist. 

1. Nakamura Yuichi: Hajime Umemiya 

Wind Breaker Voice Actor

Nakamura is a god-gifted person who has lent his voice to many characters, whether from anime or any video game. His versatility extends beyond everything. Moreover, Nakamura is a guy who can change his voice from calm to ferocious in seconds. 

In the series Wind Breaker, Nakamura Yuichi is the voice actor for Hajime Umemiya, who seems joyful but has a predatory aura. Some of his notable work includes Tetsuro Kuroo from Haikyu, Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail, Hawk from My Hero Academia, and, of course, our half-sliced sensei Gojo Satoru from JJK. 


The above list includes some of the best and most stunning Wind Breaker voice actors. The anime runs due to their sheer will and efforts. However, who’s your favourite voice actor?! If you haven’t watched Wind Breaker voice actors in action. It’s your time to start your watch spree on Crunchyroll


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