This Insta User Creates Blue Lock Characters with AI And They Look Straight Out Of A Live Action Movie

Blue Lock Characters In REal Life with AI

Blue Lock anime has gathered a lot of fans in a very short span of time. Until now, the anime has a single season along with a movie, Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie. While the rumors regarding Blue Lock Season 2 are getting prominent, fans are leaving no stone unturned to create the best fanart. And pretty recently, a clip is doing the rounds of Reddit where a creator has shown Blue Lock Characters in Real Life, with the hint of AI. Trust me, the video looks super insane, and it feels like all the characters have come straight to life from the manga. 

Blue Lock Characters in real life clip (AI-Generated Video) garners a lot of attention on Reddit

Ai generated Blue Lock Characters
byu/PanickedGhost2289 inBlueLock

A user who goes by the name PanickedGhost2289 on Reddit shared an AI-generated video of Blue Lock Players in Real Life. The video shows our favorite characters like Isagi Yoichi, Seishiro Nagi, Rin Itoshi, Reo Mikage, Meguru Bachira, and others in a life-like conversion from their anime form to real life. At the same time, there were multiple users who praised the art. Some took a dig at it. A user named Jack-Whip88 said that Kunigami and Barou’s faces should be a little more masculine compared to what we get to see in the AI video. Another user _Explorador_D_Web_ said that he is now eagerly waiting to see the Blue Lock Live Action movie.

Original source of Blue Lock Characters in Real Life (AI-Generated Video)

Well, the user who shared it on Reddit clearly mentioned that it is not a self-made clip. That got me curios and I did a little digging. And after that, I found the original creator on Instagram. So, the clip was created by an account named Reo Mikage on Instagram. With more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, the account keeps regularly posting Blue Lock edits and some of them are super unique. 

Wrapping up

Blue Lock and fandom can make anyone go crazy with mind-bending theories and one-of-a-kind fan art. As of now, fans are eagerly waiting for the global release of Blue Lock Episode Nagi. Apart from that, high chances are that Blue Lock Season 2 will make its debut in November 2024. Until then, enjoy reading our article on Ego Jinpachi, where there is bonus content for you, as we have compared him to one of the most celebrated real-life coaches.


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